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Dale + Clare = Love. Tayshia Starts Her Season of Love.

Congrats to the happy couple! Clare and Dale are engaged! And loving it after four days together.

Who got kicked off: Nobody. 15 men remain.

First, enter Chris Harrison. Chris Harrison sat down with Clare and it was uncomfortable. Chris Harrison wasn’t his usual jovial self. He swore a couple times, and told Clare they couldn’t continue as it was going. Clare said she had waited so long for this and started to cry.

The Bachelorette producers had Clare spend a day with Dale instead of the cocktail party and rose ceremony and left the other dudes in the dark.

Dale got pulled aside and went on a one-on-one date with Clare.

At dinner we found out lots about Clare and Dale and their families. Both Clare and Dale’s parents had been married around 40 years and both were fans of hitchhiking. Guess hitchhiking was popular back in the day. Can anyone who’s been married for 40+ years confirm this? Clare’s dad went to find her mom after only meeting her once and hitchhiked to see her. Dale’s mom or dad also hitchhiked to see their lover. Dale has three sisters. His mom passed away near Mom’s day. Clare’s mom has dementia. They had a lot of parallels in their lives, partially explaining their love at first sight.

Clare and Dale both swear they had not been in contact prior to the show.

Clare and Dale’s relationship went into overdrive as the producers rushed to get Clare off of the season. First the one-on-one date with Clare and Dale. BTW, Clare looked fire in her red dress. Bri and Chris from Listen to Your Heart came back to sing Clare and Dale a love song. It was sweet. Then Clare and Dale had their first overnight date. Dale didn’t get to meet the family or do hometowns because corona, but he did have to propose in one day’s time to Clare. Clare didn’t want to put that pressure on him, yet Chris Harrison said this is how it’s going to go. Again, Clare looked fire in her white dress with a slit and sparkles on the thigh. Dale proposed with a GIANT ring, like cut from a glacier. And they popped the bubbly and ushered them off into another house (it looks like Clare’s house in Sacramento?) where they spent the rest of quarantine together.

Congrats to the happy couple, Clare and Dale!

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Clare’s Ring

Neil Diamond, via Facetime because he’s not risking the rona, went all out on a 4.5 carat shiner for Clare. People magazine has the exclusive photos.

Photo Credit: People Magazine

Bring in Tayshia

Tayshia looked fire in her sparkly, sequin, moss green dress as she stepped out of the limo to greet Chris Harrison. Tayshia and Chris Harrison shared a moment and Chris told her shad a great group of men waiting.

The 15 men remaining were given an option – stay or go. Poor Jason who had to do therapy on his first date with Clare was torn. Bennett was like yeah bring on the newbie, I haven’t gotten any time to get to know Clare. So true, remember when Bennett was just left there on a date hanging out.

They all stayed!

And that’s a wrap on Clare’s season. Bring on the Tayshia and JPJ. Oh, no, not JPJ, but can we please bring back JPJ?

Anywhoozle, now begins the season of Tayshia! Tonight tune in to ABC tonight at 8|7c for The Bachelorette with Tayshia!