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Tayshia is here for it. And Dating All the Men. And Giving Us the Bachelorette Feeling. Fireworks! Horses! Bathing Suits! Kudos Bachelorette Intern.

And so begins Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette! Tayshia walked into the room of men and every man looked happy. The cocktail party commenced and Tayshia got her flirt on.

Tayshia cancelled the rose ceremony. Classy lady.

They did bring in new men. Four new men entered in a limo for Tayshia to greet: Spencer, Peter, Noah and Montel. Lots of men from California and Massachusetts. Tayshia is from the OC, so this is gonna be great.

Tayshia gave her first impression rose to Spencer.

There are 19 men now vying for her roses.

Who got kicked off: Jason left voluntarily because he had feelings for Clare. And obviously Dale is gone because he’s with Clare.

Clare and Dale

We interrupt this exciting new season of The Bachelorette to bring you Clare and Dale’s love story follow-up. It felt a bit rushed, but Chris Harrison sat down with Clare and Dale. Clare and Dale confirmed they had love at first sight and that they had never spoken prior to the show. And that’s about it. Chris Harrison asked them what was next and Clare shouted, “BABIES!” to the uncomfortableness of Dale, who was like we’re gonna see how it goes. Happy for these two.

The men all got dates this week.

Group Date:

Tayshia arose from the fine La Quinta Inn’s pool like a greek goddess looking so pretty. The men played some form of water polo-basketball. There were hoops, they wore speedos, and they played basketball in the pool. Tayshia and Chris Harrison were the referees/commentators. And it was great. The Blue team beat the Green team earning them more time with Tayshia. And then both teams got more time with Tayshia at an after party. Tayshia’s so sweet. She told the Green team that she had them.

Eazy got the group date rose.

Riley is not happy with Spencer. And Spencer, aka Lunchmeat according to Riley, is looking like a tool.

Zach C., Spencer and Eazy are ones to watch, and got shoutouts from Tayshia. Tayshia is looking for a man.


Brendan got the one-on-one date with Tayshia. And it was adorable. Tayshia rode in on a horse carrying the reins of another horse behind her, and Tayshia looked baller. Tayshia and Brendan rode horses around the fine La Quinta establishment whilst Chris Harrison ran around the resort earning his paycheck and giving them fancy coconut drinks and snacks along the way. It was great.

At dinner, Brendan was so nervous to tell Tayshia that he had been married and divorced young. I guess he hadn’t watched Colton’s season of The Bachelor with Tayshia, because Tayshia had revealed she had also been married young and got divorced and that there had been some infidelity on his part. Tayshia told Brendan this and Brendan was relieved and their shared experiences bonded them closer. Tayshia said it was so nice to bond with him on that level where he was expressing things she had been feeling over the last couple of years after her divorce. Sweet. Brendan is also one to watch, easy-going Brendan.

At the end of the date, Brendan and Tayshia got fireworks. Kudos, Bachelorette intern. Kudos. Stepping up these dates.

Jason still had feelings for Clare so he told Tayshia he wasn’t ready and was going home. Good for him. See you in Paradise, Jason.

Tweets of the Night: Kudos to these Tweeters. Or just basically Brett Vergara and Kelly Keegs.

The Bachelorette is on Tuesday at 8|7c this week. So get your wine glass, carafe ready!