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The Floor is Lava! Music? The PA System at La Quinta Will Never Be the Same Again. Maybe You Should Knock. Bye, Joe!

The men had some fun scavenger hunt, game night, musical dates. Becca Kufrin and Sydney joined Tayshia this episode. And Tayshia is playful and ready for love! We also got our first hot tub scene as well as some quality Chris Harrison time eating a lobster lunch and sharing a drink with Ed.

Who got kicked off: Chasen, Boy Band Manager Kenny, Jordan, and Joe the anesthesiologist. Oh, Joe, your time was so short and sweet.

Group Date #1: The Men Sang to Tayshia with Instruments

Musical talents do not reside in this group of guys and that’s ok. They gave it their darndest and sang/rapped their way into Tayshia’s heart. I was super disappointed with Zac C. when he got the best instrument and just butchered it. Doesn’t matter! Tayshia adores him. Riddle me that. Ivan was the only one that pulled Tayshia up closer to him when he was rapping. Ivan won the one-on-one time at Tayshia’s suite post-date!

The Best Date of All Time. Game Night at La Quinta.

Lucky Ivan got the best date of all time. GAME NIGHT! AND dinner AND a giant ice cream sundae. After Tayshia pulled out the dinner menu, she told Ivan they had to order from the phone in the bedroom and then she jumped up onto the sofa cushions and said, “But the floor is lava!” And they had to throw pillow cushions and make their way to the bedroom. Once they got there, Tayshia laughed and said she forgot the menu. Ivan, gentleman that he is, went back floor-is-lava style and retrieved it. As he was ordering, Tayshia secretly pulled out a pillow and started a pillow fight with feathers everywhere! Ivan told the people he was ordering dinner from to bring wine and to hurry. It was so cute. They also played Twister and Bocce Ball and ate a GIANT ice cream sundae. It was amazing. Best date of all time.

Quote of the Night: By my watch party virtual friend after I got VERY excited about this date – “You too could have that date.” LOL I didn’t even realize that. Who needs international travel when you have Floor is Lava!

Real Talk with Ivan and Tayshia

Ivan talked about a lot of hard things with Tayshia. He brought up that his younger brother went to prison for two years and couldn’t hug his daughter. Ivan was a good uncle to her. He also talked about Black Lives Matter and George Floyd and all of the protests and difficult things happening in 2020.

Second Quote of the Night: Ivan told Tayshia, “We’re both biracial, have black dads, and we have this beautiful love story that we’re developing.” It was hard and sweet.

Group Date #2: Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt

Sydney and Becca Kufrin from seasons past joined Tayshia to host the scavenger hunt date, armed with a megaphone and a resolve to find Tayshia’s husband among the pile. The men were paired up and sent on a scavenger hunt around the villa. And away they went with their little maps across La Quinta Spa and Resort. The scavenger hunt stops included a smoothie with ingredients like cow balls and chicken feet. Another stop had the men belting out their best orgasm over the loud speaker at La Quinta. Yet another stop had them have Chris Harrison sign their bums. And the final stop had them eat a hot pepper and propose to Tayshia.

Third Best Quote of the Night: Goes to my man Eazy about Blake’s over the loud speaker orgasm. “Blake got some demons. Blake need to go to church.”

Facts we learned on the group date: Bennett’s been engaged before. And the first hot tub scene of the season happened at the group date after party. Zac C. and Tayshia talked marriage in the hot tub. Tayshia asked him what scares him. Zac C. got the rose on the group date.

Crossed Wires

The best producer stunt ever. Ed went along with it. It was great. Both Ed and Ben had the idea to go to Tayshia’s suite. Ed got the wrong address and showed up at Chris Harrison’s suite. Ed looked so confused when Chris Harrison answered the door. Chris asked him what he was doing and then invited him in for a nightcap. Ed perked up at the idea of a drink.

Many great things came from Ed’s knock on Chris Harrison’s door. One of those gifts was Ed’s conversation with Chris Harrison about how Chris Harrison doesn’t knock anymore and that the guys would like that. Amazing. Chris Harrison said, “It’s a note from Ed.”

Meanwhile, Ben got the correct address and met Tayshia at her suite. Another knock on the door and it was room service with strawberries and champagne so that he and Tayshia could have the nightcap they missed last group date. Tayshia said her guard goes up around him. And Ben said his does too. But they like each other. They kissed.

Cocktail Party

Tayshia said, “I’m drawn to sweet, genuine souls.” And she had a lovely time at the cocktail party with the men.

Noah Drama

“Young Noah”, as referred to by Bennett, started some drama. At the cocktail party, Noah pulled Tayshia aside and told her some of the guys thought that Noah’s rose was just a way to rile the guys up. And Tayshia was fuming. She did not want her decisions to be thought to be taken lightly because she is taking this seriously. Tayshia is here to find a husband darn it.

Honorable Mention Quote of the Night: Goes to Bennett on his response to young Noah’s antics. “I’m not here to breastfeed Noah.” Ooooohhh!

Tayshia came into the makeshift room/cocktail area and told the men that she was not taking these decisions lightly. And with that Tayshia ended the cocktail party early and went straight to the rose ceremony. Poor Jordan didn’t even get time. And we hardly knew him.

If you feel robbed of time with the anesthesiologist Joe, Roses and Rosé with Lauren Zima will help you.

Tweets from the Night: Just Joe and Lauren Zima

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8|7c on ABC. And it’s a showdown between Noah and Bennett tonight. Pour yourself some vino, and lets get this Bachelorette party started.