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Wedding Dress Photo Shoot. JoJo Fletcher Takes the Place of Chris Harrison. Art Day. Let Your Guard Down.

Chris Harrison is taking his son to college, and previous Bachelorette of yore, JoJo Fletcher, is stepping in to be the next Chris Harrison for a bit. It was odd. JoJo is much more jolly than she gave off when introducing herself to the men. I think she was trying to be a little too much Chris Harrison and not enough Alexis (shoutout if you get that Schitt’s Creek reference). The men let down all of their walls and undressed for Tayshia. Tayshia was uncomfortable for a lot of the wedding dress photoshoot with Zac C.

Who got kicked off: Eazy was sent home on his one-on-one date. He told her he was falling in love with her, and Tayshia said she wasn’t there yet. No rose ceremony yet.


JoJo is back to take Chris Harrison’s place for a bit as Chris Harrison goes to take his son off to college.

One-on-One Date #1: Zac C. and Wedding Date Photographs

They did a wedding photo shoot. Tayshia was super hesitant. She’s been married before and this was not a date that she wanted to do. They had couture outfit changes and a poppin’ champagne bottle and a trampoline to loosen the pair up. And Zac C. wore his signature sneakers.

Surprise! Zac C. was married for a year and divorced. Tayshia had been married just under two years, so they found common ground there (just like she did with Brendan on their one-on-one date). They had a picnic lunch with champagne by the fine La Quinta waterfall pond. Zac C. told Tayshia he had to do a double take sometimes when he looks at Tayshia, which was cheesy, but I’ll overlook it. At dinner Zac C. told Tayshia about his struggles with drug addiction after he had a brain tumor removed. That’s when he had gotten married and then he went to rehab and now he sits on the board of that rehab center. Go Zac C.! After the dinner, Tayshia and Zac C. had a surprise ferris wheel! They had a huge lever that they pulled together to light up the sky. It was so cute!

Group Date #2: Art Class

Again, all of the men were highly aware of their lack of artistic ability, but Tayshia loves a creative man, so here we go! Both Ivan and Demar said similar statements in regards to art day:

Ivan: “Yeah, we all can’t draw whatsoever.”

Demar: “None of us have an art background whatsoever.”

The group of men drew naked models; they did blindfolded clay modeling of what love looked like. Bennett stole a kiss. It was awkward to watch.

Ed nodded his head and said, “Not bad.” of his log looking thing? Unclear. It was hilarious.

Blake made a penis.

And then it was time for self-portraits. It was actually really sweet. The men really opened up about how they got to where they are today. Ivan is always including Tayshia, and he asked her to put on the last puzzle piece to his puzzle self portrait. Brendan also included Tayshia and did a picture frame and turned it to the side to include Tayshia. Blake M. and Riley both shared some tough home lives they experienced growing up. Ben got naked.

Tayshia hustled backstage and started crying because everyone had opened up so much, saying “What an art day.” “I think that’s what happens when you start dating real men.” Brendan told Riley that his portrait-sharing was beautiful. It’s so sweet how this group of men supports each other. Tayshia is here for it.

Tayshia came back and told the grown-ass group of men, “I’m the luckiest girl to have that. You are changing me so much. I just want to hang out with all of you if that’s ok.”

At the group date cocktail after-party, Ben told Tayshia he had had an eating disorder growing up. He’s in health and fitness because he grappled with bulimia, and its hard for him to express his emotions. Like Zac C., Ben’s career is the result of really tough things they’ve gone through. Ben got the group date rose.

One-on-One Date #2: Tayshia and Eazy went on a ghost hunting date La Quinta style at night. Tayshia scared Eazy as he showed up for their date. She had a backpack filled with all of the items they would need to go ghost-hunting: a lantern, a map of La Quinta, a heat sensor, and an old scary story. Eazy was in charge of the lantern. They went around the resort to room 121 and there was a crying doll and then they went to the tennis courts. There was some whimpering at the tennis courts, brining the best Hollywood movie set vibes this show has ever “scene.” (Get it?) “This is a cute ass date,” said Eazy. And then they went to the library. The picture frame fell down, they heard breathing, and Tayshia bolted out of that door and left Eazy behind. At dinner, Eazy expressed his love for her and Tayshia told him she wasn’t there and sent him home. Eek.

Two-on-One Date: Bennett’s Lecture and Gifts to Noah

Bennett and Noah had a lot of tension on the group date with Tayshia. JoJo announced to the men that Bennett and Noah would be going on a two-on-one date with Tayshia where Tayshia would only choose one of them to continue dating. At the two-on-one, before Tayshia met the men, Bennett gave gifts to Noah. It was a red bandana, mustache socks, and an emotional intelligence book. Bennett told Noah there were four components to emotional intelligence and that Noah was deficient in three of them. Dude. Bennett. I don’t know if he was being genuine, or if he was aware he was talking down. It was awkward.

Tayshia told Bennett and Noah she liked both of them, but was tired of the pettiness.

Tweet of the Night:

Tonight on The Bachelorette, there is a lie detector test. Zac C. reveals he’s cheated in past relationships and maybe Tayshia finally finds out what is in the box! Hurry and make your Guess the Rose picks for your Bachelorette Brackets.