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Bennett’s Back. Bye, Ed. The Four Components of EQ Are… Hometowns Are Around the Bend!

Next week is a TWO-NIGHT event. The Bachelorette will air MONDAY and TUESDAY night at 8|7c on ABC. So buckle up and prepare your wine glasses!

This week Tayshia sent Bennett home on a two-on-one date with Bennett and Noah. She gave a rose to Ben for hometown dates. And she had a rose ceremony where she said good-bye to three dudes. She also did not hand out a hometown rose on her group date because she had some thinking to do. There can only be four! And Tayshia has 7…or rather 8 men left because Bennett returned to talk to Tayshia after her group date.

Who got kicked off: Well, Bennett got kicked off and then he came back. High EQ that one. Or is it IQ? Bennett? Can you weigh in? The four components of emotional intelligence are…. Demar, Spencer, and Ed got sent home at the rose ceremony. At least Demar left with a banger of a song. Mocha Latte.

Two-on-One Date with Bennett and Noah: Tayshia sent Bennett home on the two-on-one. Bennett may also have been lacking in the four components of emotional intelligence. He inadvertently lectured Tayshia on the four components of EQ and the areas in which Noah was lacking. Noah told Tayshia that Bennett was condescending, and that he could imagine him one day talking to Tayshia like that. He teared up. Tayshia wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Bennett that night, but she had to choose. She sent Bennett home, but did not give the rose to Noah, because Noah was smiling when Tayshia walked back in, and instead had him stay for the rose ceremony. Make him sweat! Demar, Spencer and Ed went home at the rose ceremony.

After the rose ceremony, Tayshia had more dates and only four roses to give out for Hometowns!

First Hometown Date Rose: Goes to Ben. JoJo sent Ben and Tayshia on a date around La Quinta, searching for clues on motorized scooters. They went to the tennis courts, in a fountain, to the spa and to an area where they hit piñatas to find the final clue. It was a cute date. Tayshia really pushed for Ben to open up and what she found was that Ben had two attempted suicides. He was hesitant to share because his sister didn’t even know about them, but his sister was the one that unknowingly got him through them. Tayshia finally let him take his wall down, and he’s going to hometowns.

Adam Hambrick played a sweet song for Ben and Tayshia to dance to after their dinner.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: If you need help, please know there are people to talk to. Call 800-273-8255 for 24/7, free and confidential support. We all need a little help sometimes.

Group Date: Noah, Brendan, Zac C., Riley and Ivan went on the group date. The men went on a lie detector date. Gonna be honest. That lie detector looked more like a board game with light bulbs attached rather than an actual lie detector.

At the group after party, Tayshia asked Zac C. about his cheating answer to the lie detector test. She said that cheating was a deal breaker for her. Zac C. went through a whole story about how he was in love with Emmy and that he french kissed another girl at the Bowl-R-Ama when he was in like sixth grade. It was kinda cute.

Zac C. also teared up to the guys in the La Quinta house when they were told that hometowns would be coming up, because Zac C. says that his parents were the nicest people, and that Zac C. had put them through so much, so they should be able to see him happy.

Noah when asked if he missed his mustache had the orange “undetermined” light bulb light up like a Christmas tree. Noah said in response, “It misses me too.”

Riley shared a lot of personal things with Tayshia surrounding his name change. At the lie detector test, to establish a baseline, the men were asked their names. Riley’s answer brought up an “undetermined” light bulb. Riley told Tayshia that he had a lot of family struggles and that he had his name legally changed.

Goofy Brendan and Tayshia talked about his lie detector test and his hesitancy to have Tayshia meet his family because he’s been married before. Tayshia understood the sentiment.

Tayshia did not give out the rose on the group date because she needed more time to think. After the date, Bennett surprised her by showing back up. They talked and Tayshia had him stick around. Bennett tried to kiss her and she gave him the cheek and said nice try.

Upcoming One-on-One: Blake has an upcoming one-on-one with Tayshia next week.

See you in Paradise, Ed! Ed was great. Ed did facemasks with Tayshia and had a drink with Chris Harrison when the producers duped him into trying to go to Tayshia’s La Quinta Resort and Spa Inn Suite. He just went with the flow. You’ll be missed, Ed.

Tweets of the Night:

Next week, we should also start to see some hometown dates. Ben is the only one with a rose going into hometowns. Ooo and fun fact: We’re going to get a Men Tell All this season too. So woot! Tayshia still has three roses to hand out!