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Ed has three F’s for Chasen: Fraud, Fake, and Phony. And He knows Phony has a “PH” but it still applies. Kenny is a Boy Band Manager for One Direction?! No, Just for Cover Bands. And then there were four! Hometowns are Here!

Headed to Hometowns are Ben, Brendan, Ivan and Zac C. Woot! It’s a two-night week, so don’t forget there’s another episode on Tuesday at 8pm|7c.

Who got kicked off: Blake got sent home on his one-on-one date. Riley was sent home before the rose ceremony, and Bennett and Noah were sent home together. That’s right, Bennett came back and was asked to come to the rose ceremony. Ahhh, the irony.

One-on-One: Blake had the one-on-one date, and he was sent home. They had a lady do tantra yoga, look at their chakras and examine their energy. It just wasn’t lining up for the two of them, and Tayshia sent him home.

An Early Men Tell All

Usually Men Tell All comes before the finale, but this time we get it before hometowns.

Demar got some screen time at Men Tell All, and I was not disappointed. He’s great.

At Men Tell All, Noah said that Kenny was a boy band manager for One Direction, and I got very excited. But alas, ’twas only a turn of phrase. According to Distractify, Kenny is a boy band manager for cover bands like One Direction. Eh, not as cool.

Bloopers: Bennett was seen handing out champagne flutes of a green juice that he has daily. Bennett handed Noah’s green juice to him in a sippy cup. Noah seemed up for the poke.

Yosef was not remorseful one bit that he was disrespectful to Clare. The three guys that had been on the dodgeball date were not offended by the strip dodgeball date and did so willingly. They were surprised Yosef was so up in arms when it wasn’t even his date.

Riley was not pleased with Yosef and was so sweet. When Tayshia walked out to greet the men, she said they all looked good and Riley said, “You look better.” Dah.

Tuesday is the next episode of The Bachelorette and Hometowns, which are the best!!