Hometown Dates! The peeps couldn’t travel because of COVID times to visit the hometown states. Instead, the Bachelor producers brought hometown dates to La Quinta Inn Spa and Resort and it was everything and more. There were taxis, there were smoothies, there were backdrops. It was a production. Kudos.

Who got kicked off: Ben went home on the Hometowns.

Can someone bring out a fan for these people? It is hot in that desert! They were all sweating in Palm Springs. And not just because they were meeting the family. Tayshia has the best final four of all time.

Zac C. / New York City, New York

Zac C. took Tayshia on a date to New York City via Hollywood. He lives in New Jersey, but he told her this is what they would do on a weekend. First up, how to hail a taxi cab. Tayshia, in her sweet Cali way, called for a cab, and then Zac C. showed her how it was done. TAXI! The producers had a cardboard, Flintstones-type propelling car that they hopped in and picked up to roam around La Quinta Inn Spa and Resort. There were backdrops of New York City and they stopped for bagels at a bagel cart. Tayshia put blueberries on her bagel and Zac C. questioned her bagel prowess. Zac C. revealed in their cute little conversation that Tayshia had told him that she had always wanted to live in NYC. This could be a cute match.

Tayshia met the parents and fam and man do we love Zac C.’s parents. Zac’s mom had a chilled white wine and we’re loving it. She also was hopeful to meet Chris Harrison, and lo and behold Chris Harrison surprised her. Zac C.’s fam was great and Tayshia liked meeting them.

Ivan / Dallas, Texas

Ivan had an adorable cooking date planned for Tayshia. Ivan is half Filipino and cooking is a family affair in his culture. He told Tayshia they were going to meet a world-renowned chef, and in a room in La Quinta they had a video of his niece showing them how to make food. Ivan and Tayshia then made food in the kitchen. Tayshia told him how much she liked dates like this, and that it gave a picture of what it would be like on a Saturday.

If we thought Zac C.’s parents were cute, Ivan’s parents are even more adorable. Ivan’s dad and mom enjoyed getting to know Tayshia. Ivan was hopeful that his brother would join them and was disappointed when he didn’t see him. Ivan’s brother surprised them at the end. It was so sweet how excited Ivan was and how much love was there. So sweet.

Ben / Venice, California

Ben took Tayshia on a Venice Beach and Boardwalk date at La Quinta. The producers outdid themselves with a makeshift outdoor shopping experience – hats, bags, sunglasses and kitchy things galore! It felt just like the boardwalk. They rollerbladed around the resort, went shopping and stopped at the “beach” pool side. It was adorable.

Ben’s sister and close family friend came to the hometowns at La Quinta because his dad was a doctor so could not be there. Ben’s fam was adorable and his family friend told him that he was in love with Tayshia and that she could see it. Ben agreed. He didn’t tell Tayshia as they were saying good-bye before the rose ceremony the next day. And then he got sent home at the rose ceremony. But I think Tayshia just feels more strongly about the other men and that probably wouldn’t have changed her mind. It was a great hometown day!

Tweets of the Night:

This week is a two-night finale event. TONIGHT, Monday at 8|7c on ABC, Tayshia will have Fantasy Suite Dates and have the men meet her family. And the finale will air tomorrow, TUESDAY night at 8|7c!