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Fantasy Suite Dates are Here! Airstream Bus. Body Paint. And Freezing Cold Pools. Neil Lane is Here Handing Out Diamonds. And, Also Ben is Back!

Monday was the first night of a two-night finale week and it was Fantasy Suite Dates! Tonight, TUESDAY, is the final episode! Tayshia has Ivan and Zac C. ready to meet her family, because Brendan left at dinner saying he wasn’t ready. And Ben just came back to tell Tayshia he loved her. Tayshia did not know what to do with all of that.

Who got kicked off: Tayshia did not kick Brendan off. She thought he was going to meet her parents. Brendan left on his own, because he wasn’t ready to be married again just yet. And Ben came back to tell Tayshia he loved her.

I think Tayshia is the first bachelorette to have two men come back for her, to make a second plea and to confess their love for her. I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with Tayshia. She is so cute.

Ivan: Ivan and Tayshia had a challenge hosted by Chris Harrison and Paulie the Luggage Guy (!) with breaking a Guinness World Record and having the longest kiss while sitting in a bucket of ice. Tayshia and Ivan had a campfire-like setup for their after dinner area with champagne and donuts. Tayshia and Ivan shared an airstream bus for their Fantasy Suite date.

Zac C.: Zac C. did body paint with Tayshia on the La Quinta Inn Spa and Resort outdoor area. They showered in the outdoor La Quinta Inn Spa and Resort pool shower and made out a lot. They got a sweet hotel room for their Fantasy Suite date and jumped on the bed like little kids. It was adorable.

Brendan: Brendan and Tayshia picked out rings from Neil Lane (So if you’re playing Guess the Rose and chose Neil Lane for the last hour of the show for his appearance, yay you. If you were like me and thought that, but chose tomorrow, I feel you.) At dinner, Brendan broke the news to Tayshia that picking out the rings made it real, and he realized he needed to have some quality Brendan time before committing to marriage again. Brendan broke up with Tayshia. Tayshia walked him out.

Rachel Lindsay came to give Tayshia a pep talk and chat. Before the rose ceremony, Ben came to Tayshia and told her that he loves her.

And that is where we are at…Bring on Tuesday!

Tweets of the Night:

This one is from Hometowns, but I don’t care. It’s too cute not to share! And share I will!

Today, TUESDAY, Dec 22, is The Bachelorette finale!! So break out the bubbly! We made it.