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Heart to Hearts with Chris Harrison, Pizza Delivery, Lingerie, Stick Shift Pick-Up Trucks and Lame Pick-Up Lines. Chess and Skeeball and Moonshine. It’s Night One First Impressions!

It’s the 25th season of The Bachelor and Matt James is dressed to impress. He is ready to open himself up and meet the lady of his dreams. The crew is in Pennsylvania at at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for the upcoming season. (Fun Fact: JoJo’s season filmed at this resort in week 4 where she sent Chad home on a two-on-one date.) and Matt is looking for his fiancé!

Who got kicked off: Oh, but it was so short and sweet. Alicia, Amber, Carolyn, Casandra, Corrinne, Emani, Kimberly, and Saneh went home night one.

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Interview with Chris Harrison and Matt’s Mom

Chris Harrison and Matt’s Mom sat down with Matt James to set the stage. Matt has never been on a season of The Bachelor/ette before so he is fresh and ready. And his one downfall is that he has a hard time being vulnerable and says he tends to back away when he feels the feels. You got this, Matt! It should be a good season.

“They call it a leap of faith for a reason. You gotta jump.” Oh, Chris Harrison with the wisdom.

First Impression Rose and First Kiss: Abigail! Abigail has a hearing impairment and let Matt know right off the bat. Matt said he would remember to enunciate. She shared a kiss with Matt the first night!

First night introductions had sweet rides like a Bentley and a pick-up truck throwing TSwift vibes, lingerie, and lady and the tramping. There was a vibrator dubbed MJ, there was a lady named MJ and a self-dubbed Queen Victoria who rode in on a throne with four footmen.

At the cocktail party, Matt opened with a prayer and ended with a joke about having the ladies running a half marathon. It was great.

Also, the vibrator’s name is MJ – Matt’s initials. Yep, you might want to watch the first episode. It’s going to a be a fun season!

Preview of the upcoming season shows an appearance from Heather of Colton’s season. Fun fact: Heather is friends with Hannah Brown and they hang out in Los Angeles together. Hannah Brown as you’ll remember was quarantining with Tyler Cameron and Matt James in Florida for the pandemic. Hannah went back to LA and the quarantine crew visited her a couple times. I’m sure Heather met Matt through Hannah, and I’m excited to hear their back story! The Bachelor is back on Monday!