It’s all about love of course! Am I being catfished? Matt James is 10 outta 10. Is this just about reality television in general? Who do you think sticks around? Did you know they knew each other before the show? All the insider knowledge from a couple veteran watchers, a semi-seasoned watcher and a newb watching The Bachelor together. I dub thee Boston Bachelor Besties because that’s where we met and this is where we talk.

We’re doing a podcast! Boston Bachelor Besties! BeeBeeBee’s? Bébés? (Moira Rose Schitt’s Creek reference there) And this is the first episode! If you like listening to recaps and fun commentary this is for you. And if you’d rather read this blog, those recaps will continue to happen. It’s a beginning, budding, burgeoning (see what I did there?) podcast, so come along as it wobbles on it’s first spindly legs, and give it a listen!

We talk during the commercial breaks to record delightful commentary and recaps of the show as it airs. The podcast will be posted after the show airs and you can find it on Anchor or iTunes!


  1. This American Life: 681 Escape from the Lab; Breakout Star

2. Robert L. White: