It’s the 25th season of The Bachelor and Matt James is dressed to impress. He is ready to open himself up and meet the lady of his dreams. The crew is in Pennsylvania at at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for the upcoming season. (Fun Fact: JoJo’s season filmed at this resort in week 4 where she sent Chad home on a two-on-one date.) and Matt is looking for his fiancé!

Who got kicked off: Alicia, Amber, Carolyn, Casandra, Corinne, Emani, Kimberly and Saneh went home night one. It was daylight out when they left. Eek.

Matt James and Talks with Mom: Matt grew up with his mom and older brother and religion was important to him growing up. He played basketball and football and was recruited for the NFL. Also, Matt is very tall.

Talks with Chris Harrison: Matt asked to chat with Chris Harrison before he met the ladies in the limos. Matt is hesitant about falling in love and doing it his way and not disappointing people. Chris made him feel better about being vulnerable and jumping in!

“They call it a leap of faith for a reason. You gotta jump.” Oh, Chris Harrison with the wisdom.

First Impression Rose: Abigail got the first impression rose!

First Kiss: Abigail again!

Abigail is a Client Financial Manager with a hearing impairment. Matt James told her he would enunciate.

Mari walked up in a sparkly gown and Matt was without words. Mari was Miss Maryland USA in 2019 and placed Top 10 at Miss USA.

Coolest Ride: Pickup truck. There were footmen, a Bentley, a pizza delivery car with a tricky door handle and a tandem bike brought in the ladies, but the stick-shift pickup truck took my heart.

Khaylah drove up in a pick-up truck and later in the night planned a little sweet tea pick-me-up in the back of the truck. She is also from North Carolina like Matt James so love is a’blooming. It was adorable!

Least Amount of Clothing Impression: Kaili showed up in her lingerie and a rack with two dresses. She had Matt James pick out her dress for the cocktail party. Matt James was not mad about it.

Most Interesting Impression: Katie brought her vibrator and named it MJ after Matt James. Not sure how the actual lady named MJ vying for Matt’s heart felt about it. Not great for MJ.

Saneh wore goat slippers. Saneh went home.

Pieper‘s last name is also James.

MJ rolled up in a pizza delivery car and a pizza, saying “I know this is cheesy. The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The car door was locked when she tried to open the door. It was great. Kudos to the producers.

Kit rolled up in her own car, a Bentley.

Lady and the Tramp: Alana did a lady and the tramp moment with a bowl of spaghetti and like slurped the last of the noodle that had been in Matt James’ mouth. I guess you gotta commit but man, gross. Slurping people’s leftovers like a baby bird. But she got a rose. Maybe he got confused by the red dress. Read on for that reference!

Queen Victoria rolled up with four footmen carrying her throne. It was a lot. She told Matt James she was looking for her king. Alright.

Bri got some one-on-one time with Matt and told him she also grew up in a single mom household and her mom is Persian and her dad is black. Common ground.

Victoria and Serena C. tripped on the staircase. I think Chelsea tripped at the cocktail party. I’m keeping tally.

Cocktail Party

Matt opened with a prayer, and some ladies cried and others asked if they were also religious, which makes me think they aren’t. He played chess and salsa danced.

Funniest Happening: Mari made Matt a boarding pass to her heart and put facts about Puerto Rico her hometown on it. Now, imagine sharing your story about a hurricane and you get tapped on the shoulder with a vibrator named MJ. This is real life. Mari got tapped on the shoulder by Katie’s dildo.

Amber and Victoria talked on the couch. Victoria asked if they had gotten time and Amber said she hadn’t. Victoria told her to go get time, and Amber was like nope. And Amber went home.

Rose Ceremony

Same Red Dress: Two ladies had the same red criss-cross front dress. To make matters more awkward their names are so similar! Alana and Anna. I mean the dress looked baller on both of them, but the producers placed the ladies right next to each other at the rose ceremony and just didn’t say anything. Matt James said Alana and Anna thinking it was her, stepped forward and then the other red-dress lady tapped her on the shoulder and said, “I think he said, ‘Alana.’” They turned to Matt James for confirmation and he confirmed. Awko taco.

And the ladies that weren’t picked were sent home at the break of dawn. Longest cocktail party ever.

Matt ended the rose ceremony with a joke that they would be putting on their running clothes and headed for a half marathon. Just kidding. It was cute!

Oh yes, and we started a podcast. Listen to Episode 1 of Boston Bachelor Besties for some friendly banter and recap facts.

It’s gonna be a good season! The Bachelor with Matt James is back tonight at 8|7c on ABC!

Sidenote: I feel like in the intro they showed Matt James’ red vest and it showed the Canada Goose logo. Usually that doesn’t happen. Did anyone else notice that?

Preview of the upcoming season shows an appearance from Heather of Colton’s season. Fun fact: Heather is friends with Hannah Brown and they hang out in Los Angeles together. Hannah Brown as you’ll remember was quarantining with Tyler Cameron and Matt James in Florida for the pandemic. Hannah went back to LA and the quarantine crew visited her a couple times. I’m sure Heather met Matt through Hannah, and I’m excited to hear their back story!