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Nemacolin in Pennsylvania is Très Magnifique. Long Live La Quinta. ATV’s, Hot Tubs, and Campfires. Oil and Vinegar and Gestures. Ear Tugs, Fainting, and Open-Eyed Kissing.

There are a lot of ladies. A fun drinking game would be every time you hear the word “vulnerable,” see a hot tub or spot a campfire. Nemacolin is the name of the hotel in Farmington, PA. I keep getting it confused with a city. It’s no La Quinta, but it is gorgeous. Bring back the La Quinta scooters.

Who got kicked off: There was a start to a rose ceremony, but they didn’t finish it. Sarah had a fainting episode at the rose ceremony, where she started to see stars and black out and the producers rushed to her aid. Matt James also rushed to her side. And this week was to be continued. The ladies with X’s were kicked off last week on night one and the ladies with roses are the ones that got roses this week so far.

Heading into next week, these are the ladies that are sticking around and for sure have roses: Abigail, Bri, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie (vibrator girl), Kit, Lauren, Magi, Pieper, Rachel, Sarah and Serena C. We will see who gets kicked off next week and find out what caused the fainting spell on Sarah.

First One-on-One: Bri got the first one-on-one and they went on an ATV ride in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Matt flipped the ATV with Bri and him on it and adorably apologized to Bri’s mom through the camera. They ended at a wood-fired hot tub where Matt took off his shirt revealing his 8 bajillion abs and chopped wood to heat the hot tub and Bri’s heart. Bri and Matt made out in the hot tub. Bri got a rose.

Group Date: A group date of about 18 ladies went on a capture the flag date in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. I love games. The ladies first started with a photoshoot with Matt. They got into their wedding gowns and posed for photos. Queen Victoria stole a lot of uncomfortable kisses and had Matt remove her garter belt. Matt looked uncomfortable. Chris Harrison interrupted the date to bring them a game of “Capture Matt’s Heart,” where the ladies, rugby-style, chased down the other teams’ giant heart to win time with Matt. The ladies tagged each other with paint-soaked bouquets. It was the best.

The team that won got more time with Matt. Mari got the MVP award. And Lauren got the rose on the group date.

Second One-on-One: Sarah, the broadcast journalist from San Diego, got the second one-on-one date with Matt, and they went on a mini-plane ride around Farmington, PA. It was beautiful. Sarah opened up about her dad having ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the baseball player who was diagnosed with it. Sarah told Matt that she had left broadcast journalism to become his caretaker. Matt liked her vulnerability. Sarah got a rose on the date.

Cocktail Party + Drama with Victoria and Marylynn

Victoria told Matt that Marylynn wasn’t being nice to her and that Victoria slept on the couch so she wouldn’t have to room with Marylynn. Earlier in the night, Matt had given orchids to Marylynn because she hadn’t received a date that week and he knew it was her favorite flower. Matt said he would get to the bottom of it. Rookie mistake, Matt. Rookie mistake.

Gestures, Oil and Vinegar: She gave it a good old college try. Victoria used the word “Gestures” instead of “jesters,” but it was a great go. Later in the episode, Victoria also thought her and Marylynn are like oil and vinegar, which if I may say so, goes together delightfully on a salad. Oil and water, Victoria. Oil and Water. Sigh.

Abigail + Secret Signals: Abigail remains adorable after she sat down with Matt and they had a cute, coy conversation, and she said they should have an ear tug signal when they are looking at each other. There are so many ladies, that is great. Way to go, Abigail.

Rose Ceremony + Fainting

At the rose ceremony, Matt started to call out names, and then Sarah looked like she was going to pass out. She said she was seeing stars and blacking out. A producer pulled her off to the side to sit down and the medic came. Matt James set the roses down to check on her, and the show was to be continued…

Previews of Next Week show Queen Victoria still making waves.

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