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Hot Air Balloon Rides, Fall in Love Fest, And Binoculars. 5 New Ladies Roll Up to Nemacolin! Contest Below!

5 new ladies arrive in Nemacolin to win Matt’s heart and the first ladies, who have now formed a gang called the OGs (originals) are none to pleased, especially when newcomer Michelle gets a one-on-one. Oh, those wily producers. Ben Higgins and Wells Adams come by to help Matt James on his journey to finding love.

Who got kicked off: Kaili, Kaylah and newcomer Kim were sent home this week. Meanwhile, 4 out of the 5 newbies were asked to stay.

First Group Date: Chelsea got the rose on the first group date.

Newcomers! 5 New Ladies!

Brittany, Catalina (aka Miss Puerto Rico), Kim, Michelle, and Ryan stepped out of the limos this week. And the ladies were none to happy. Matt kept four out of these new ladies after a brief cocktail party and a rose ceremony. Brittany told Matt she wanted to make up for lost time and grabbed him for a make-out session upon first meeting him.

Second Group Date: Ben Higgins joined Matt James in fall in Pennsylvania to host a Fall Fest!

Photo Credit: PEOPLE.com

Pumpkin boats and squirrel obstacle races are what comprised Fall in Love Fest. Magi was out there rowing her pumpkin boat for the duration of the challenge. Although Mari won the challenge, Bri got the group date rose. Anna hid Brittany’s acorn and implied she was an escort.

Anna Implied Brittany Could Be An Escort in Chicago!

Anna is none too happy about having additional ladies in Nemacolin. She started by telling Brittany she had been warned about Brittany prior to the show by people in Chicago that Brittany entertained rich men for money. I guess the going-out scene is small in Chicago. Anywho, it spread like wildfire.

Peacemaker Vibrator Lady Katie really pulled through this week. She took Matt aside to tell him that there is some bullying in the house and it might be best coming from him if he addresses it.

One-on-One Date: Michelle, a teacher from Edina, Minnesota got the one-on-one date this week. Matt took her up in a hot air balloon, and then to dinner in a car show area. Michelle and Matt really hit it off and I want nothing more for them to get together than for their alliterative names. Newcomer Michelle got the rose on the one-on-one date. And they shared their favorite Maya Angelou quote about that people don’t always remember what you did but how you made them feel.

Photo Credit: Cheatsheet.com Michelle Young and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Third Group Date: The group date was a boxing match. The ladies pretended to recognize former professional boxer Mia St. John before gearing up for practice training and a match. Former Bachelor contestant and bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, Wells Adams, announced the competition with Chris Harrison. There were some punches thrown. Matt called it after Serena P. got punched in the face. Do you not know how boxing works, Matt? This is where we find out the ladies had formed a gang called the OGs.

Boston Bachelor Besties Podcast Episode 4 with Abra and her calico kitty Sally

Episode 4 of Boston Bachelor Besties with special guest and also prior Boston resident, Abra and her calico kitty Sally (also adopted in Boston), was on this week! Listen to her commentary as she watches this as her first episode this season, and what causes her to say, “Oh, geez.”


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