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All I Care About is Tyler C. Coming Back. Kit is Cynthia Rowley’s Daughter. Shoveling Sh*t And Dipping and Dodging Poop. Not Just What Matt James Does on the Farm Date. Heather from Colton’s Season is A’Coming. Katies are Heroes.

Matt James referring to the farm date with goats pretty much sums up the episode, “I’m just dipping and dodging poop.” I’m afraid that you are, Matt James. I’m afraid that you are. Queen Victoria has seen the end of her reign. Anna was sent home for her escort comment about Brittany. There’s a lot going on in the house and at Nemacolin in Pennsylvania.

Who got kicked off: Anna was sent home before the rose ceremony began. Queen Victoria, Lauren, Mari and Catalina were sent home at the rose ceremony. It is the end of the reign of Queen Victoria.

One-on-One Date: Rachel got the one-on-one date where Matt James showers her with gifts and treats her like a princess. Rachel got a limo to go shopping with Matt and a personal stylist. She left with bags of clothes and the red-souled Louboutons. And then she had to take her loot back to Nemacolin before dinner. The ladies immediately recognized the red-souled shoes. At the house, a man delivered a giant box with a fancy cobalt blue dress for Rachel to wear to dinner. The ladies were trés jealous.

Harmony. Not.

Matt is dipping and dodging all over the place with these ladies. Matt thought he had taken care of the nonsense in Nemacolin by sending Anna home. Oh, poor, sweet, Matt James with two names. He’s just so fresh to Bachelor nation. After Anna left, there was a slew of apologies flying all over from ladies to ladies. Then Ryan told Matt that Victoria had called her a “ho” and Matt is not about bullying. Go Matt! He sent Victoria home at the rose ceremony. It’s a lot.

Group Date: A group date on the good ol’ farm. The ladies on the group date cleaned out goat and horse stalls and dug around looking for a prize. Matt James played an egg toss game with MJ, and when MJ chased him with the broken yolk, Matt kept running right into Pieper’s interview with producers and proceeded to make-out with Pieper. Like a lot. MJ did not feel great about it.

At the group date cocktail party, Matt pulled runway model Chelsea first to let her know he was still into her. But it was first impression rose Abigail who got the rose on the group date.

One-on-One Date: Kit had a cooking date at Matt James’ lodgings. They made chocolate chip cookies and Kit says chocolate is the key ingredient. Kit is 21, and we found out a little about her growing up in the limelight. Her mother is fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, hence the reason Kit’s title is Fashionista. She got the rose on the group date.

Two-on-One: MJ vs Jessenia. There can only be one! We’ll find out next week. Jessenia told Matt MJ was not great and had said there was a Varsity vs JV squad in the house with regards to the newcomers and the OGs. It’s a lot of high school talk. They do know only one lady can marry Matt James, right? Like not the whole crew? MJ says if they want a fight then get your popcorn because she only preaches harmony and peace. And she leads by example. Mmkay.

Bloopers were the best part of the farm date. They tied feedbags to the ladies and sent them into the goat area to search in hay for a golden horseshoe while trying to dodge the goats’ attempts to empty their feedbags. It was amazing. Matt’s quote below was on trend.

Best Quote of the Night: “I’m just out here dipping and dodging poop.” Yes, you are, Matt James. Yes, you are.

PREVIEWS show Heather Martin from Colton’s season of The Bachelor and besties with Bachelorette Hannah Brown coming on to throw her hat in the ring for Matt’s heart. And another Bachelor alum and Matt’s best friend Tyler Cameron comes in for a round of pool and talk it out time. Also, Katie is getting called out.

It’s gonna be a fun ride this Monday! Tune in to The Bachelor at 8|7c on ABC! And make your predictions for the top lady!