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A little Monday cheer to brighten your week! This is a reminder to enter the contest hosted by Boston Bachelor Besties podcast before The Bachelor tonight by 8pm EST/PST dependent on your time zone. You could win $50 from Robert. It’s simple and quick. Fill out the form with your predictions of the top five. I included a handy dandy chart below of the ladies left and you can read through some of the recaps if you really want to do some research. Special Guests Katie and Francois reveal who they think is in the top 5 and the winner. And Katie has been pretty accurate – like a Jimmy Kimmel’s wife accurate-type – so I might give Episode 5 of Boston Bachelor Besties a listen titled Katie’s are Heroes.

For full rules: Read this post.

For A Handy-Dandy List of Ladies To Pick From: See Below. As a reminder, Heather Martin (pictured below the chart), also returns this episode so she is eligible for your picks too. For info on Heather and who to pick you can read the recaps!