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A Massage Date Prank, A Local Woods Fair With Prizes, A Bowling Alley and A Few Falling For You’s. Tyler Cameron is Back For His Buddy Matt James. Heather Drives A Minivan.

Matt James had a couple ladies tell him they were falling for him, which is so interesting because there are so many ladies and so little time and roses to hand out as we approach Hometowns. And Tyler Cameron is back to help him sort it all out. At a candid camera date, Matt and Katie pranked Tyler Cameron, and I’ve never seen Matt James happier. Matt went on a fair date in the woods of Nemacolin with Pieper who he very much liked to kiss. And he had a bowling group date with apps and bowling outfits and fun. But where is Abigail? Heather Martin rolled up in a minivan and explained herself saying that it was a rental.

Who got kicked off: MJ went home on the two-on-one date. Katie went home on the one-on-one date. And Magi, Brittany and Ryan went home at the rose ceremony.

Two-on-One Date: MJ went home. It was petty between the two and anticlimactic. It looked like Matt had a connection with MJ, but I guess he had to choose and Jessenia was it. No name-calling in Matt James’ house.

First One-on-One Date: Pieper went on a one-on-one fair date in the woods of Nemacolin with a guest appearance by Temecula Road. Matt James and Pieper won prizes at a fair all to themselves. Pieper’s favorite game was the water gun where it shoots a target and first to win gets a prize. They went on a dinner date and were serenaded by Temecula Road. Pieper left with a rose.

Group Date: The group of 9 ladies went bowling with apps and bowling shoes and bowling shirts and just an overall good time. Chris Harrison split them into two groups to compete with more time with Matt. It was a bummer because it looked like Matt was finally relaxed and having a good time. Matt later had the ladies who lost the bowling match come to the after party too. So all was well. Michelle got a rose on the bowling group date.

Tyler Cameron came back to give his buddy and NYC roommate, Matt James, some hugs and advice and it was adorable. Matt James again looked the most relaxed he had been this whole time. It was sweet how much love they had for each other. Tyler and Matt played pool and talked about Matt’s experience so far. Matt said he could see himself proposing at the end of this.

Second One-on-One Date: Katie got a candid-camera date where her and Matt pranked Tyler Cameron as Tyler was getting a massage in at Nemacolin. Matt and Katie were in the ears of the masseuse. Matt was over the moon to mess with his friend. Katie and Matt went to dinner afterwards and Katie did not get the rose on her one-on-one date. Friend-zoned hard. And out the doors of Nemacolin.

Serena P. and Pieper both let Matt James know they were falling for him.

Heather Martin rolled up in a white minivan and had some friendly banter with Chris Harrison. It was an excellent interaction. Heather pretended she just happened to stroll up in a white minivan and fly halfway across the country. Chris Harrison pretended that they were really far along in the process. I was most impressed with the guard at Nemacolin. He did all the heavy lifting of this scene. Give that man an Oscar. Heather had heard about Matt through Hannah Brown when Hannah Brown came back from quarantining with The Quarantine Crew in Florida at the start of the pandemic. I still find it hard to believe that Heather has never met Matt either through Facetime or in person.

How you know her: Heather Martin is Hannah Brown’s best friend in LA and first rolled up to The Bachelor franchise on Colton’s season as “The Girl Who Had Never Been Kissed.” Colton was her first kiss. Heather rolled up in a kickass white dress and a white minivan. Is that the sound of wedding bells?

Maybe not. Heather rolled into Nemacolin and Matt’s reaction was a lot of laughter. I am unclear if that is a good or a bad thing. Or just a neutral thing. In any case, Pieper was pissed. We’ll find out tonight on The Bachelor at 8|7c on ABC!

Boston Bachelor Besties Podcast Episode 6: Heather and Chris Harrison Win an Oscar is out! Just the OG Boston Bachelor Besties this time, but tonight we’ll have special guests Eric and Meghan and their adorable pup Haifa. Settle in and watch The Bachelor with us!

Previews show a lot of Jessenia, which boggles my mind. I thought we had a clear top 5, and Jessenia was not it. But maybe I’m wrong. Who are your top 5? Where is Abigail?