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Back to the Minivan Heather Goes. Tantric Yoga, A Cocktail Party Disguised As A Group Date, and Car Drifting. The Ladies Are Going Home Left and Right. There Can Only Be Four. Hometowns are A’Coming!

A lot of people were leaving tonight to get down to the final four for Hometowns! Who were in your brackets? Who do you think is his top pick? Matt is a very hard dude to read. Bri, Rachael, Serena P. and Michelle are headed to Hometown Dates. Heather went home in her minivan. Serena P. got a second one-on-one date with tantric yoga. Jessenia’s relationship with Matt drifted. And Kit said good-bye. No hometowns for her.

Who got kicked off: A lot of people. Heather went home without even a shot at love. Chelsea and Serena C. went home at the rose ceremony. Abigail went home on a group date. Kit left on her own. Jessenia went home on a one-on-one date. Pieper went home at the rose ceremony before hometowns. And then there were four.

Heather Martin came in to try to win Matt’s affection. He told her he had to think about it. And then told her if only she had come earlier. I don’t know if he knows, but I don’t think she had control of that. 1. She knew Matt was The Bachelor for awhile so had to have reached out to the producers earlier. And 2. she said she had had to wait. It’s such a bummer. They could have had a beautiful love story. As we’ll remember Heather and Matt have a mutual friend in Hannah B. Off in her minivan she goes.

One-on-One Date: Serena P. got a second one-on-one date and they did tantric yoga. This second one-on-one came ahead of Abigail and Jessenia who both had not had one yet. Scandalous. Matt loved tantric yoga. Serena P. did not enjoy tantric yoga. And she let Matt know. Not on the same page. No matter. Matt likes her. He was holding her hand at dinner and talking with her about a relationship together. Serena P. stays!

Group Date: The group date was just a cocktail party essentially. They had a lot of conversations. Kit laid it all on the line. She wants to finish school and not have babies yet. She described herself as “a long-term investment.” Cute. That didn’t bother Matt. Abigail also laid it all out on the line. She was the only one who hadn’t received a one-on-one date. Abigail said she’d just like to know now if he wasn’t into their relationship and that is the kiss of death. If you push them into making a decision ahead of the rose ceremony, the answer is likely, “Can I walk you out?” Matt said he made a connection at first, set her to the side and then he formed stronger relationships with other people. Abigail was sent home on the group date.

Rachael got the rose on the group date. And Rachael and Matt got a private concert with Aloe Blacc.

Kit wasn’t happy about that and questioned her relationship with Matt meeting the fam, so she sent herself home. I was kinda hoping to meet Cynthia Rowley.

One-on-One Date: Jessenia got the one-on-one date and Matt took her on a car drifting date with a professional drifter. That’s fun to say. Matt wrecked the car, and I’m sure ABC had to accept that Peloton ad placement Matt was riding earlier in the episode to pay for it. Jessenia had Matt put her on the hood of the car and have a make-out session. At dinner Jessenia said she was literally falling in love with Matt. Girl. You’ve known him for 2.5 seconds. Don’t lie to us and to sweet Matt. It was her last Hail Mary. Jessenia did not get the rose.

Rose Ceremony

Pieper was sent home at the rose ceremony and she was pissed.

Previews and Bloopers: Hometowns are next week! The show will bring in the family members to Nemacolin to meet Matt James! It’s gonna be fantastic. After the rose ceremony, Michelle was instructed to give the toast, and she paused and got down to do some push-ups – a little ode to Matt’s date with Bri where he did push-ups before he had to chop wood shirtless – and it was adorable. It also makes me wonder how Michelle knew about the push-ups. Matt or Bri or a producer must have told her, or he’s done it more than once.

Fun Fact from Bachelor Nation: Hannah B. Has a New Beau! Adam Woolard, a finance guy and model. (Who looks a lot like Tyler Cameron.) Bachelor nation found out before she had the chance to post it, but Hannah Beast announced it on her Instagram Story Valentine’s Day weekend with this adorable photo.

And Tayshia and Zac C. Had an adorable Valentine’s Day post too. So much love in Bachelor Nation.

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison Update: Chris Harrison is stepping down from his duties for a time so he can educate and learn about racism and the language he used in an interview with Rachel Lindsay that perpetuates racism. Rachael Kirkconnell on this season had photos surface that caused a lot a of racial tension in Bachelor Nation. And it is sparking conversations about race and privilege. Rachel Lindsay is also not renewing her contract with The Bachelor. The men of Tayshia’s season are standing with Rachel Lindsay. Listen to her interview with Chris Harrison about Rachael’s antebellum photos from a fraternity party on an ExtraTV interview.

Next week are Hometowns and Matt James meets the families. The Bachelor airs on Monday at 8|7c on ABC!