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Hometown Dates Are Here! An Elise! A Bike Ride, A Sky Dive, and Off-Roading. Oh, Canada. The Ladies All Drive Sweet Rides, and Michelle’s Classroom is the Cutest of All Time!

Hometowns are here this week! All of the ladies had their own cool cars to visit Matt on their dates at Nemacolin. Scooters no more. You are missed La Quinta Inn Resort and Spa. Michelle’s classroom surprised Matt and Michelle with a virtual zoom! Elise was an adorable little student that asked Matt a question and told him that Ms. Michelle gave her a note before a big test that said, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” Omg tears. A flood of tears. And Hometowns were more loosely based. As in not at all related to their hometowns. Bring back the taxi!

Who Got Kicked Off: Serena P. went home ahead of the rose ceremony because she didn’t think Matt was her person. Dear, goodness. Bri, Michelle and Rachael are headed to Fantasy Suites.

Michelle – Edina, Minnesota

Michelle had a bike ride and a virtual zoom class with her elementary students. It was ADORABLE! The students grilled Matt and asked him questions. Michelle’s family was amazing and so warm and welcoming. Michelle told her mom she was falling for Matt. And everyone wants advice from Michelle’s adorable dad.

Rachael – Cumming, GA

Rachael had a skydiving date and could literally say she was falling for Matt. Corny. She also fell straight onto her face on the landing. Ouch. It looked painful. Rachael’s dad grilled Matt by the firepit at dinner. Don’t drink for every time you see a firepit. Matt handled it well. Matt didn’t ask for her dad’s permission to marry Rachael, and Rachael seemed bothered by it.

Bri – San Francisco, CA

Bri rolled up in a green car for off-roading. Matt hopped in the passenger side and she took him through a bunch of mud. Cool. Meanwhile, Rachael went skydiving. Bri’s mom and friend and her new baby sister were there. Bri’s mom grilled Matt.

Serena P. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Serena P. went on a Canada-themed date, which was the only almost hometown-related date. Matt and Serena P. had poutine, looked at a map of Canada and did a Canadian verbiage quiz. Serena P.’s family was fun. Serena P. told Matt at the end of the date, she had some doubts that had nothing to do with him. Matt told her not to worry about them and that they could talk about them later. I think that meant he wanted to keep her for Fantasy Suites. Not on the same page, and yet he seems to really like her.

Chris Harrison and Matt talked after the hometowns, and Matt still had some questions for Serena P. Serena P. told Matt that she didn’t think he was her person. Oof. Matt looked absolutely crushed. He cutely asked if she wanted to walk him out.

Previews of the upcoming episodes look like Matt gets his heart crushed yet again. He had the same look he had when Serena P. said good-bye. Can someone get this guy a hug or a Tyler Cameron? Corona times are hard enough without heartbreak!

Full recap to follow.