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Oatmeal, S’mores and Pottery. A Pennsylvania Spa Date, That Campfire Glow, and Ghost Recreated. Literal and Figurative Fireworks at Nemacolin.

It’s Fantasy Suite Dates and Matt James had three lucky ladies left! Rachael, Michelle and Bri each had a Fantasy Suite Date with Matt and chose to forgo their individual rooms. Michelle got a “spa” date. Spa in quotes, because it did not represent a typical spa day. Bri went camping, her self-proclaimed least favorite activity, and Rachael again got the best date of recreating Ghost at a pottery class with after-dinner fireworks at Nemacolin.

Who Got Kicked Off: Bri was sent home at the rose ceremony. She was very sad she gave up her dream job for this.

Michelle got a “spa” date and I use that term loosely. It was a Pennsylvania spa date and it involved soaking in breakfast foods such as butter and oatmeal. It did not feel like a spa date. They had to massage each other. There was no masseuse or other instructor to walk them through the spa stations or explain why there were stuffed taxidermied animals on the walls and chairs. Michelle had a great time, because she’s awesome.

After dinner in the hotel room, Michelle told Matt that she was in love with him. In L-O-V-E people! Sound the alarm.

Bri got a hiking and camping date in the woods of Nemacolin. Neither Matt nor Bri are big campers they said. They pitched the tiniest of tents and built a campfire with what I can only hope was a re-creation of their first date where Matt took off his shirt, did a few push-ups and chopped one sole piece of wood to heat an entire wood-burning hot tub. I thought they would be sleeping in the tent, but alas they just had s’mores and went back to the hotel. Bri was trés relieved.

At dinner, Bri told Matt she was in love with him. Lucky dude. Two ladies already in love.

Rachael got a pottery class date where they recreated the well-known scene from Ghost. First, Rachael was all up in her head about Matt and if he still felt the same way after his overnight dates with the other two ladies. At the start of her date, she slumped over to him to greet him instead of the typical energetic run and jump and wrap the legs around your partner greeting. Matt looked worried. Rachael pouted all through the pottery-making because she was up in her head. Finally, she came out and said her fears. Matt reassured her and told her that he was falling in love with her. Whelp. Rachael was over the moon.

After dinner, they got fireworks. Like literal fireworks outside of their Nemacolin bedroom suite. Cool, cool, cool, cool. Meanwhile, Michelle is spa-ing in her tiny oatmeal bath and Bri is fending off wildlife at her makeshift campsite.

Boston Bachelor Besties Podcast: Episode 10 is out on Spotify and Anchor.fm and all the things!

Tonight is The Bachelor Finale on ABC at 8|7c. The previews show Matt breaking down, and Chris Harrison asking him if he was ok. Matt responded that he was not. Who will he choose? Rachael or Michelle? And are they still together? Can someone get Matt a hug or a friend or a strong margarita?! Bring in Tyler Cameron! Matt James you are going to find the love of your life! Never fear!

Upcoming Season of The Bachelorette: Tayshia and Kaitlyn Bristowe are set to host The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison won’t be on this upcoming season. Both Tayshia and Kaitlyn had shared their Bachelorette seasons with other leading ladies and now they get to co-host together. All the lady empowerment.