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Congratulations to the happy couple!

It was the finale of Matt James’ Bachelor season! It was a brief congratulations. Matt, in Juan Pablo fashion, asked Rachael to be his girlfriend. He had a Neil Lane diamond ring picked out, but wasn’t ready for all the commitment a proposal entailed. It was a little anticlimactic and unfortunate because that backdrop for the proposal was on point. Props to the set designers (pun intended). Almost as great as that Tayshia and Zac C. NYC cardboard taxi proposal. We’ll always have La Quinta. Thanks for the campfires, blankets and Pennsylvania vibes, Nemacolin.

Who got kicked off: Michelle was sent home ahead of the rose ceremony and after giving him a sweet matching jerseys gift. Never fear, she is one of our next Bachelorettes.

After a dramatic season on and off the show, Matt James chose Rachael and then broke up with her shortly after because of a lot of the racial backlash that came with Rachael and the photos of her at an antebellum-themed party.


For the finale, Matt went on one final date with Michelle. He ended up canceling his date with Rachael.

Both Michelle and Rachael met Matt’s mom and brother before the final dates. Matt’s mom and brother liked both of them and Matt’s brother asked all of the hard-hitting questions. It was great. Michelle and Rachael fell further in love.

After the talks, Matt’s mom commented about love and that both ladies were great but love wasn’t the end all be all. I think she was just saying it to give him confidence, but Matt got up in his head. He put a lot of pressure on a ring and commitment and an engagement and if he was ready. Send in Tyler Cameron! Oh, just Chris Harrison? Ok.

Matt clammed up. And we just didn’t know where his head was at.

Neil Lane came on the show. Bless his little heart. And helped Matt pick out a diamond ring. Matt ended up picking a pear-shaped diamond that was identical or similar to Neil Lane’s wife’s ring. Anywho, Matt did not put that ring on anyone’s finger. He kept it in his little pocket.

And shortly after the engagement broke up with Rachael.

Props to Props

That set though. Can we talk about how gorgeous that set was at Nemacolin for the proposals? Kudos, Bachelor set design team, kudos.

After The Show

In other news, it looks like Matt James may be getting to know Heather a bit more. Remember her? They were both in California at the same time and then Heather took a little trip out to New York. Matt James’ mom also commented on Heather’s new clothing brand line on the Instagram. Interesting. Matchmaker, matchmaker.

Rachael’s working on herself, as is Chris Harrison, and that’s about it on The Bachelor front.

Boston Bachelor Besties Podcast is all set for its first season! Listen on Spotify for a bonus ladies night episode! Robert, Bevin, Chris and Elise had a blast all season long!

Two New Bachelorettes!

Katie the dildo girl who had an incredible character arc this season is one of the next Bachelorettes, along with Michelle! Looks like Katie won’t be needing her dildo in the near future. And we all get more of Michelle, which is what the world needs.

Two New Hosts! Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams will be hosting the upcoming The Bachelorette seasons.

Well, alright, alright, alright. Ladies coming in hot these upcoming seasons. Bring on the new seasons!