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Leather on Leather on Pleather. Battle of the Basketball Rugby, Breaking Hearts (and Backs. Poor Michael.), and Hot Tubs with Jets.

Blake Moynes, the new Canadian, got the first one-on-one date and a rose to everyone’s dismay. He asked a very pointed question to Katie about why she was so sex positive, which makes me think he did his research like he did for Claire. Or maybe I just don’t trust Blake who has been dating three Bachelorettes in a small number of months. Hunter got a rose on the group date hosted by Wells Adams and Franco the photographer. Andrew S. got his first one-on-one date and a rose.

Who got kicked off: Andrew M., Josh and Quartney are headed home this week.

Previews for next week are all over the place. I have no idea who goes home and breaks Katie’s heart causing her to tell production to book her flight home. I need to know all of the things right now! Happy watching, Bachelor Fans! Full recap to follow.