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Fifth Graders, Farming, Milking and Butter Churning. Hometowns are around the bend.

The group went to a farming group date in Minneapolis and Brandon got a hometown hot tub and to meet the parents. Nayte, Joe, Brandon and Rodney are going to Hometowns!

Who got kicked off: Clayton went home on the one-on-one date. Martin went home on the group date. Olu and Rick went home at the rose ceremony.

Michelle’s fifth-grade students got to scope out Michelle’s picks and choose who to give the one-on-one date to. Rodney created a secret handshake with one of the students. Clayton built a fort with the kids. And Martin did NOT win over the fifth graders. One kid said that Clayton had big muscles to carry the groceries in and he had top-notch fort-making skills. I like this kid.

One-on-One: Clayton was picked by the fifth graders for a one-on-one date. He and Michelle got a night at the museum. They played tag, mimicked bird-mating dances and stared at the stars in the planetarium. Michelle’s fifth-grade students narrated the planetarium, making her tear up. Her students made a Saturn “ring” pun, and it was adorable. Clayton was sent home at the dinner part of the date.

Group Date: Milking cows, shoveling manure, nurturing calves, and churning butter. And a hayride. The guys went to a farm for their group date. We found out Joe’s parents owned a dairy farm, so he was a natural. Nayte is falling for Michelle. And Michelle is tumbling, falling for Nayte too. Cue the cuteness. Nayte got the rose on the group date.

Cutest Group Date Moment: While the men were churning butter, Michelle asked Nayte, “Why are you taking a break?” He laughed and gave her a kiss. Smooth like buttah.

Also, Joe is a very good butter-churner. His butter was incredible.

Martin went home on the group date. Michelle and Martin talked about how Martin was saying a couple different things to Olu and then to her and Martin said it was a miscommunication and Michelle sent Martin home. Oof.

One-on-one: Brandon got the one-on-one and lots of family time. Michelle and Brandon went to get ice cream and then to Michelle’s family home, while apparently, Michelle’s parents were out and about. And they made out on her childhood bed and in the hot tub by the pool out back. Brandon said it was funny that he showed up on a bed and now he was on her childhood bed. Michelle gave Brandon her dad’s swim trunks to wear. Then Michelle’s parents arrived. Brandon asked for Michelle’s hand in marriage, and the parents gave it if that’s what Michelle wants with Brandon in the end.

At dinner, Brandon gave Michelle a homemade bracelet from his mom. Before the show, Brandon’s mom gave him a bracelet and told him to give it to Michelle if she was the one. Brandon’s mom would show Michelle the same love she gives her son if she saw Michelle wearing it. Dear goodness. Cue the waterworks. AND he said he was falling in love with her. Alright, alright, alright. Brandon was the sleeper this episode. We didn’t see a whole ton of him until now, but they have a lot of fun together.

Cancelled Cocktail Party

Another dress wasted. Another opportunity to talk to the men and a potential future husband. Michelle knew what she wanted to do so she hopped to it.

Bloopers: Clayton was doing nails with one of the fifth grade girls and he asked her how long this nail polish stays on for. She started to say “A mm..,” (which is not wrong)and his face was amazing. Clayton said, “A month? Were you about to say a month?” He almost pooped his pants. She responded perfectly with, “Well, it depends how well you take care of them.” Amazing. She also predicted he’d be the next Bachelor. We’ll see if she’s right about more than just nails.


TONIGHT, Tuesday at 8|7c are Hometowns on The Bachelorette! Woohoo!! Pour the rosé!