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Helicopters, Yachts, An Obstacle Course, and A Full On Kid’s Birthday Party. Hosts Hilary Duff and Ziwe Have A Great Time.

Kids, kids and more kids. Remember when Clayton made a fort with kids on The Bachelorette? If we have forgotten there are more kids for this birthday-themed group date to let us know he is dad-ready. Susie got the first one-on-one and the best date. And the second group date was an obstacle course.

Who got kicked off: No rose ceremony this week. Heading into the rose ceremony Cassidy, Susie, and Sarah all have roses. BUT Clayton did ask if he could take back a rose. So we shall see in two weeks (NFL is next week taking our spot.)

Group Date: A kid’s birthday party was the theme of the group date. Some ladies were excited to see the kids, while Cassidy was more excited to see Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff hosted and was there to promote her new Hulu series How I Met Your Father. There was a bounce house, cake, and games. Each of the ladies on the date were given an assignment to prepare for Maya’s birthday party. Cassidy understood a different assignment and pulled Clayton aside for a chat and make-out session. Cassidy got the rose on the group date. Genevieve decorated the cake and she was pissed when it was thrown on the ground.

One-On-One Date: Susie got the first one-on-one date and they went on a helicopter ride above The Bachelor mansion, to land on a yacht and have a dinner date, followed by being serenaded by a singer. Susie got a way better date.

Group Date: This group date was a game of Never Have I Ever and an obstacle course hosted by Ziwe. We found out who sent nudes on Never Have I Ever. Shanae said she’s sometimes called Shanae-nae and then did the nae nae. Then they played an obstacle course that included a “Friend Zone” and Shanae pummeled Elizabeth. Sarah got the rose on the group date. She also got more time with Clayton because she won the obstacle course. Sarah and Clayton both went to Mizzou.

Marlena Wesh was an Olympic athlete in the 2012 Summer Olympics for Haiti in the women’s 200-meter and 400-meter sprints.

Before the group date, back at the mansion, Cassidy and Shanae had a pow-wow. Cassidy and Shanae are in it to win it. Cassidy said “competitor” and Shanae ate it up and tried to be a competitor on the group date to get to know Clayton. She pummeled Elizabeth on the obstacle course, maybe because Elizabeth sat next to Colton Clyaton at the Never Have I Ever game, and she had to take out the competition? Then she told Clayton Elizabeth was not who she portrays. Elizabeth, trying to figure out where that was coming from after Clayton pulled her aside, told Shanae she (being Elizabeth) had ADHD. I don’t know what is happening.

Also back at the mansion, Cassidy (fan girl of Hilary Duff and off-but-kind-of-on-assignment lady) told Sierra about a guy back home that Cassidy had occasionally seen and he had Facetimed Cassidy in the hotel before the show started. Sierra told Clayton. And Clayton asked Jesse Palmer if he could take back a rose. And it was to be continued.

The Bachelor will air in two weeks on Monday at 8|7c on ABC. Reminder, it’s two weeks until the next episode because next week is football. Woot! Stock those wine fridges, and let’s get ready.