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Hello, Houston! Backyard BBQ, Football and Shrimpy, Shrimp, Shrimp.

The crew is off to a worldwide, jet-setting adventure. And international travel means first stop, Houston, Texas! Rachel, the pilot and pilot in training, got the first one-on-one date. And the rest of the ladies fought for their time on the football field turf. The Purple Punishers with Olympian Marlena on their team won. But not without Shanae joining the party.

Who got kicked off: Elizabeth, Kira, and Melina were sent home this week at the rose ceremony.

Fun Fact: Rachel got a random family backyard bbq with no introduction on the family whatsoever. Turns out, Backyard BBQ Family wasn’t just a random family. The BBQ was from Blood Bros. BBQ, one of the best BBQ joints in Houston, Texas. It’s an Asian-inspired BBQ by Robin Wong, Terry Wong and Quy Hoang. Blood Bros. BBQ was also named one of the 50 favorite restaurants in the country by The New York Times.

Full recap to follow.