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Iceland, Helicopter Rides, Cave Exploring, Spa Days And Mud Racing.

Monday night was Women Tell All, and Tuesday night was Fantasy Suite Dates in Iceland. Rachel and Clayton went up in the air in a helicopter and then dove down into a cave. Gabby and Clayton went dune buggy riding in the mud along the beach and then slept under the Icelandic stars in a glass-ceiling hut. Susie and Clayton went to a spa with hot and cold temperature changes. At dinner, Susie told Clayton that it would be hard for her to move forward if he had been with any of the other women.

Clayton had dates with Gabby and Rachel earlier. He had told both of them he loved them, and Clayton had also slept with both Rachel and Gabby. Clayton wished Susie would have told him earlier that that was a dealbreaker. Clayton was distraught because he thought it was him and Susie in the end. Susie had hoped that if he was falling for her, he would have held off on the sleeping with the other ladies. Gabby thought Clayton should have his journey and then if it was her at the end that was great. I dunno.

Who got kicked off: Susie left kind of on her own. And Clayton didn’t know what to do. Gabby and Rachel are both left.

This week on The Bachelor is another two-night (two hours each night) event. Tonight and tomorrow at 8|7c on ABC will be the finale of The Bachelor and After The Final Rose.