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Iceland, Meeting the Family, No Rules. Two Bachelorettes Begin Their Journey on Monday, July 11.

The finale of Season 26 of The Bachelor is here! And it was a doozy! So many things went down in Iceland. Susie talked to Clayton, but Susie told him it was over. But then after the show she contacted him and at After The Final Rose they announced they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and Clayton sold his condo and is moving to Virginia. Congrats to the happy couple! Susie and Clayton. For cute, couply photos, PEOPLE Magazine did a little backyard photoshoot that is kind of adorable and does show their love for each other. It all worked out because now Gabby and Rachel are the next Bachelorettes! Rightfully so after getting group dumped. Read below for the full chaos of the show.


Who got kicked off: Gabby and Rachel were kicked off, but are the next Bachelorettes. So yay!

Iceland Was a Hot Mess

A lot happened in Iceland. It was a two-night, tear-filled, confusing event. Starting Fantasy Suite week, Clayton slept with Gabby and Rachel and told each of them separately that he loved them. Okie dokie. Susie did her spa Fantasy Suite Date with Clayton. But she left before the overnight portion because she wasn’t comfortable with the idea that Clayton had slept with and was in love with the other two women.

At the Rose Ceremony, Clayton told Gabby and Rachel that Susie went home and that he wasn’t the same man as he was when he left them. Dear Lord. He told both Gabby and Rachel that he was intimate with both of them and also told them he loved them. Yikes. Spare no feelings.

Gabby tried to walk out (which would have only left Rachel, which was actually kind of funny when Rachel realized that). Clayton convinced Gabby to stay. Gabby didn’t want to be second best. She wanted to be the only one.

Gabby and Rachel each met Clayton’s parents and brothers in Iceland. Clayton’s family is adorable. His dad and mom seemed to be super down to earth and were perplexed but supportive through the whole ordeal. His dad told him he screwed the pooch. Clayton’s dad is my new favorite character, aside from Gabby’s Grandpa who will be awesome forever. After meeting the family, Clayton told his family he was still in love with Susie. Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Susie was still in a hotel in Iceland waiting to fly out. How convenient! So Clayton wrote her a little note apologizing and telling her how much he cared for her, and Susie went to see him. She didn’t give him an answer to his apology and him letting her know she was still his number one, just that she had to think.

Then Clayton did a GROUP dumping of Gabby and Rachel at a hotel. It was ROUGH. I don’t think a group dumping is ever appropriate, but man it was interesting. I think it was also a Bachelor first. Clayton sat both Gabby and Rachel down on the couch in the same room together and told them he still had feelings for Susie and was dumping them. Gabby told him he had taken away her chance to walk away and now he was dumping them together. She told him he didn’t care about either of them. Clayton asked to walk her out and Gabby said no. Go Gabby! Rachel was a bit more teary-eyed and told him she had fought for them as a couple, but he never did. Yikes. Anywho!

After the group dump, Clayton went to look at rings. He picked out a giant rock for Susie and then got all dressed up in a tux. It was odd. Susie also got all dressed up in a silver gown to meet him. I did not understand why they were getting all dolled up to chat. Clearly, they weren’t getting engaged. But we can’t let a good proposal spot go to waste! Clayton told Susie he loved her and knew she wasn’t ready for a proposal, but asked if there was a chance. Susie said no. And she walked away.

After the Final Rose

After filming ended, Susie reached out to Clayton, and they got back in touch and started dating. They announced they are boyfriend and girlfriend at After the Final Rose. Clayton gave Susie a rose on After the Final Rose as the final rose, and he’s moving to Virginia to be with Susie. They’re going to live together. I guess it all worked out in the end.

Colton and Clayton

Not only do they look alike, but Clayton’s season became oddly similar to Colton’s season. Colton chose to jump a fence in Europe. Clayton chose to go through with the rose ceremony and the meet-and-greet with his family. Also, Colton dumped Tayshia and Hannah G. (his final two) individually, whilst Clayton did a group dump of Gabby and Rachel in the same room. What a cluster. Welp.

Gabby and Rachel Are the next Bachelorettes!

Gabby and Rachel are going to be Season 19 Bachelorettes at the same time. How will this work? Like Gabby said, she was hoping host Jesse would tell us at After the Final Rose. I think Bachelor producers are still figuring that out. But Gabby and Rachel seem pleased. They both went through a joint breakup and Gabby said she was a “girl’s girl.” It looks like it might be like a Joe Millionaire Season 2 format, where two bachelors dated the same group of women.

The Tea: ABC hasn’t posted the official group of men. These are just the POTENTIAL suitors for Gabby and Rachel, Parade and Distractify and US Weekly have previews of the men if you need something to do before July 11. There are twins. And a Colton look-a-like. And a Grocery Store Joe look-a-like oddly enough.

The Bachelorette (Season 19) with Gabby and Rachel will begin Monday, July 11, 2022 on ABC at 8|7c!

Is Bachelor in Paradise happening and when? Yes! It is happening, in Summer! But there isn’t a release day scheduled yet.

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