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First Impressions! They’re back and ready to find husbands. Gabby and Rachel are Meeting the Men. Toasting and Talking About Their Type! It’s Premiere Night!

It’s back! And Gabby and Rachel are ready to find love. There are TWO Bachelorettes this season and this is sure to be a bumpy ride. Gabby is an ICU nurse and Rachel is a pilot ready to take on this season side-by-side.

Fun Fact! The opening scene of the house where Gabby and Rachel are having champagne and toasting to their upcoming journey is a house that you can rent for weddings, and I attended a wedding as a bridesmaid there! IT’S DOPE. Also, they used that house for a music video with Soulja Boy in Des’ Season. That was how I recognized it when I rolled up for the wedding day. (LOL I was the only one to know that fun fact.) We toasted champagne in that same spot! Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post on it.

Who got kicked off: Brutal. Three people were let go. And THEN they canceled the cocktail party because they didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone. Roby the magician and the twins Justin and Joey were sent home night one in daylight. And the rest of the cocktail party was canceled. Rachel and Gabby are not getting into Magic Castle.*

Gabby and Rachel are ready for the limos to arrive and meet all of the men. There are 32 suitors ready and a’waiting. A lot of California kids. And this season looks wild.

First Impressions

Zach while last in the alphabet was first out of the limos. He didn’t get any time with them, but looks like he sticks around for a little while.

John, the English teacher, mixed up their names. I’m gonna attribute it to nerves.

Quincey is also called Prince and Alec brought a quartet of singing kids, saying “Clayton sucks.” Nope, nope, nope.

Justin B. came in barefoot.

And Erich asked for help with his tie.

Peeps That Brought Cool Rides

Tino, the general contractor, came in on a forklift, and said, “You two look forking gorgeous.” He also said, “I’m just excited to be here and build something special with you guys,” and “I’m good with my hands.” Rachel said he was her type. Later in the night, Tino took Rachel to the stairs to create a new memory, and planted a kiss on her. Rachel swooned.

Jacob came in riding a white horse, shirtless looking like Fabio on the front page of a romance novel. He said, “I’m only here for a happy ending.” Welp. Giggle.

Brought Cool Things

Balls everywhere. Ethan, tha ad exec from NY, juggled and made a pun about juggling two ladies.

James (aka Meatball) from Chicago brought a mile-long meatball sub. Meatball is also his nickname so that’s fun. Sub in.

Chicago is representing on cool things with Nate, also from Chicago, who brought a pillow with their faces on either side as an ode to the past season, when Gabby brought a pillow with Clayton’s face on it and let him know he could sit on her face.

Logan brought two chicks, like actual farm chicks. It was cute. Gabby did not know what to do with it.

Spencer brought two folding chairs for them to sit down and take a break in. And Gabby said he was her type. Gabby also said Jason was her type.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Roby showed the ladies a card trick and the twins chatted to an unimpressed Gabby. Hayden made Rachel a birthday card and Justin brought his drag racecar to show to Rachel and compared it to her piloting a plane. I think those two are here for Rachel. Mario opened up to Gabby. Erich, the tie guy, talked to both of the ladies and I feel like he’s gonna play the field. Bryan the Boston boy brought a whiteboard and taught Gabby how to talk proper Bostonian. The ladies didn’t have time to talk to each and every one of the men.

Rachel’s First Impression Rose: Tino the General Contractor

Gabby’s First Impression Rose: Mario

Gabby’s Kiss Count (2): Mario and Erich

Rachel’s Kiss Count (1): Tino

Fun Facts For You: I listened to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast Off the Vine on my long run before this episode and found some fun facts for you. Lots of contestants from California this season, and Roby was in the same improv class as her Los Angeles-based co-host that episode. She said he worked at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, which is a cool spot where you have to know a magician in order to gain entry. Different. For the full fun episode, where they break down the guys before first impressions, you can listen here: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast Off the Vine: Bachelorette Bio Breakdown with Caitlin Reilly

Fun Fact #2: The opening shot is of a house that they’ve used before on The Bachelor AND extra fun fact, I attended a wedding at. Remember Desiree’s rap video group date with Soulja Boy where they made their own music video? Well, it’s this place.

Bachelor Couples of Seasons Past Now in Ads

Joe and Serena had a date night ad where they touted Maybelline.

Jared and Ashley I. had a date night that advertised the new movie Where the Crawdad’s Sing.

*Magic Castle is an exclusive place to have dinner, but you have to know a magician to gain entry.

Preview of the season looks like they go on a cruise to Europe, including Paris! I can’t wait to watch them fall in love, but I’m really hoping, fingers crossed, they each find their own love with minimal tears. Let’s go!