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Zero Gravity. Speedos and a Talent Show. Helicopter Rides. And Hot tub Count is at 1. And the First Rose Ceremony.

Gabby and Rachel are kicking off the season! All they wanna see are abs, abs, abs and speedos, speedos, speedos. Gabby and Rachel each chose their first one-on-one dates and are ready to rock. The men’s house was crowded with 29 men and not enough beds for all because they skipped the night one rose ceremony. All the men had eggs and breakfast together. It was cute.

Who Got Kicked Off: Jordan V. the racecar driver went home on the one-on-one with Rachel. A Bachelor franchise first. Sadness. Chris was sent home at the cocktail party by both ladies. And Brandan, Colin, John, Justin B., Matt, and Ryan our Boston Boy were sent home at the rose ceremony.

Group Date: Speedos and a Talent Show

Gabby and Rachel hosted a speedos and talent show group date where Gabby and Rachel graded the talent with mimosas and champagne in hand. Gabby and Rachel asked each of them a question. Johnny’s was who would he rather kiss and Johnny asked if he could choose both. They were into it. He gave them each a kiss on the cheek. After the talent show, Gabby and Rachel chose six of the men for an after party at their digs later: Jason, Johnny, Aven, Logan, Brandan, Colin.

Gabby and Johnny shared a kiss outside after Johnny asked to redo his kiss from the talent date.

Rachel saw it. After she had just had time with Jason, and Jason told Rachel he had a connection with Gabby. Logan kissed both ladies and both ladies were ok with it.

Group date roses: Rachel’s Rose: Logan / Gabby’s rose: Johnny

First One-on-One with Rachel: Racecar driver Jordan V. got the first one-on-one date. They went up in a plane to try zero gravity. They shared a kiss at zero gravity and it was adorable. At dinner, Rachel came in a sparkly red dress, and Jordan told her how much he liked her. Rachel excused herself to talk to a producer. She wasn’t feeling it and was feeling bad. She didn’t give him the rose. It was a first in Bachelor history. He missed out on a private country concert with Brett Young and Ashley Cooke.

Quote of the Night: After sending Jordan V. home on their first date, Rachel said, “I don’t want to be Rachel the Bachelorette; I just want to be Rachel.” Oh man, it was so sweet and childlike.

First One-on-One with Gabby: Nate got the first date with Gabby. They kissed right away. Then Gabby took him on a helicopter ride around Los Angeles. They landed on a rooftop with a hot tub and champagne with fruit ready. Hot Tub Count: 1. And Helicopter Count: 1. At dinner, Nate told Gabby he had a six-year-old daughter. Nate described his daughter as coffee in human form. It was cute.

Cocktail Party

Gabby and Rachel sent Chris home at the cocktail party. The men got together and told Rachel that Chris was talking about Fantasy Suite Dates and basically making ultimatums about that and it was just inappropes. Rachel told Gabby and they pulled Chris to chat and then asked him to leave. Chris came back in and tried to pull some men and Gabby and Rachel shut it down. Gabby was like umm nope. It was great.

The ladies hosted a joint rose ceremony and sent some fellas home.