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Grandpa John and Karamo from Queer Eye Are Here! Sound Baths, Bowling, Red Carpet and SoFi Stadium.

Thank goodness for Grandpa John and Karamo! Gabby and Rachel had a rough week, to say the least. Both ladies had 3 men say they weren’t here for them – and in the worst ways possible.

Who got kicked off: Alec, Jacob, James (aka Meatball – but he might come back because at the end he made a plea to Rachel and because he’s in the preview for next week), and Termayne were kicked off this week.

Rachel’s One-on-One: Rachel and Zach went on a Hollywood red carpet date. But first, Karamo from Netflix’s Queer Eye got the pair ready with champagne and outfits to try on. Fun! Zach and Rachel went to a movie premiere called Me & You that ended up being a slideshow of Zach and Rachel’s childhoods. Zach and Rachel found out that their dads both liked to take them to the airport and name planes as they took off. It was sweet. They danced to a man playing piano and it was cute.

Back At the Mansion

Gabby went to the house while Zach and Rachel were out. But no man was taking initiative to talk to her or pull her aside. Gabby felt awkward and unseen. And it was awkward. It’s like the men just didn’t care that they got extra time. Yikes.

Gabby’s One-on-One: Erich and Grandpa John rode in a little jeep, with Gabby at the wheel, to a sound bath located on a mountain’s edge. Grandpa John fell asleep and then when he woke up asked for a beer. That’s why we love Grandpa John. Then they went bowling afterward and Gabby found a lovely lady friend for her Grandpa so they could team up. Gabby and Erich shared a kiss at the bowling alley and went off to dinner on their own. Erich shared that his parents had a great relationship. Gabby shared some personal things and then went off to talk to a producer. She was having a hard time opening up. Gabby regrouped and gave Erich the rose on the date and sat on his lap to be closer to him.

Group Date: The Group Date was a photo shoot with Gabby and Rachel and our fave photographer. There were short shorts and no shorts (an Adam and Eve leaf), car washing cowboys, an ICU scene and a plane setup. Jacob got the fig leaf, which covered nothing. During the photo shoot the men had to play propose to Gabby and Rachel. Nate’s was the best.

Quote of the Day: To producers, he said “Gabby is like a beautiful ray of sunshine,” and during his photoshoot proposal, he told Gabby, “I felt like I was meeting my best friend, and forever could never be long enough to just realize how beautiful you are inside and out.” Welp. So cute. After Nate’s proposal, Gabby said, “Right now I feel so loved and seen.”

Rachel: “I’ve seen Jacob’s situation multiple times today and I can’t stop looking at it.”

Jacob: “I have two switches. On and More On.” Moron? Oh dear.

The Group Date after party was at SoFi football stadium, home to the LA Rams and Chargers.

Aven and Rachel had champagne and football practice on the field, a touchdown dance and a kiss. It was sweet. He also got the group date rose for team Rachel.

Jordan H. and Tino also kissed Rachel. Tino and Rachel made out on a couch placed on the football field.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Jacob are on my sh*t list.

On the Group Date, Gabby got rejected by three men. First, Tyler told Gabby he was here for Rachel. Hayden and Jacob also took Gabby aside to tell her they were going after Rachel. But they were dicks about it. Jacob told her he wouldn’t have the heart to continue if it was just Gabby. Ouch. Then he freakin’ cheersed her and told her they should go back in and have some fun. WTF. It’s not your party dude, and what you said was kinda shitty. Hayden told Gabby that Gabby was bubbly, but they had different values and Gabby was rough around the edges. The way he talked to her was just so shitty. Both men made it feel like they had the power and were rejecting Gabby and making her feel small/putting her down, instead of just saying they were pursuing Rachel.

It is possible to say you like the other Bachelorette without being a complete dick. Last week, Jason told Rachel he was into Gabby in a respectful way. Do better.

Gabby showed up late to the end of the group date and didn’t hand out a group date rose. Everyone was confused and Gabby was like I guess we can end it now. It was awkward.

Rachel’s Group Date Rose: Aven

Gabby’s Group Date Rose: No one

Rachel checked in with Gabby to make sure everything was alright and was shocked when Gabby told her what Hayden and Jacob said to her. Rachel offered to go talk to the men. Gabby said no and the next morning the two of them talked it out at their beautiful villa. They decided they had to have their own journeys and separate into two groups.

Rose Ceremony – Two Teams

Gabby and Rachel canceled the cocktail party because they are spent. They each had their own group of roses to hand out at the rose ceremony. If a dude accepted the rose from a lady, it meant that’s the team you’re choosing to say yes to. Once Gabby or Rachel called a dude, that dude could accept or reject. But like no one thought this through because midway through the ceremony when Termayne rejected a rose, host Jesse came in and took that rose, but was like I’m sorry this is a surprise, because we’ve never done this before but I have to take the rose. Like what? When did that become a rule? Should have stated that earlier, Jesse. Gabby and Rachel had to have talked about who they wanted to keep beforehand so there’s no way they’re going to pick a dude that rejects the other’s rose because they didn’t plan for that. That’s my theory anyway. ANWYWHOO with this weird format, here’s how it played out.

Rachel’s Roses Went To: Tino, Logan, Termayne (rejected it for Gabby – removed a rose from the ceremony), Alec (rejected it for Gabby – removed a rose from the ceremony), Tyler, Ethan, Jordan H., Meatball also known as James (rejected it for Gabby – removed a rose from the ceremony), Hayden

Gabby’s Roses Went To: Nate, Johnny, Spencer, Jason, Mario, Kirk, Quincey, Michael

Final Guys for Rachel (7): Aven, Zach, Tino, Logan, Tyler, Ethan, Jordan H.

Final Guys for Gabby (8): Erich, Nate, Johnny, Spencer, Jason, Mario, Kirk, Quincey, Michael

At the end, Meatball aka Jason asked Rachel to come back. And he’s in the previews. So he might to even things out.