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Amsterdam! Bike Rides, Cheese Wheels and Hot Tubs in Tulip Fields.

Nate went home on the Gabby one-on-one date because Gabby wasn’t ready to be a mom. Logan got Covid so he’s out. Gabby had a group date around sexy time. Rachel had her second one-on-one with Zach and they rode bikes through the tulip fields with stops along the way that included lemonade and wooden shoes, and all the way to a hot tub. Hot tub count: 2. Rachel had a group date that revolved around cheese. The men had to hold up wheels of cheese and the strongest man won. Also, the man who won (Tino) got a whole wheel of cheese. Gabby is bringing three men to hometowns: Erich, Jason and Johnny. Rachel is bringing four men to hometowns: Aven, Tino, Tyler, and Zach.

Who got kicked off: Ethan, Logan, Nate, and Spencer went home.

Full recap to follow.

Hometowns are next week!! Get excited!!