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Hometowns! It’s Uncle Pat! It’s Kronk!! Vibes 10 out of 10. He Knows It. I Know It. You Know It. Falling in Love.

It’s Hometowns! Gabby is visiting 3 hometowns. Rachel is visiting 4 hometowns. We saw all of them, except for Aven’s this episode. The best thing this episode is that Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton, the voice from The Emperor’s New Groove! He was also Puddy in Seinfeld, and the voice of Family Guy’s Joe Swanson, Ken from Bee Movie, and Steve Barkin from Kim Possible. Zach had Rachel watch airplanes in Anaheim and family videos out in his family’s backyard to recreate his first date with her. Too cute. Rachel went to New Jersey for her hometown with Tyler. Rachel sent Tyler home to his family without her after their New Jersey boardwalk date complete with a Ferris wheel and big stuffed animal fair prizes. Rachel didn’t even meet the family because she wasn’t feeling it and she knows how much family means to Tyler. Rachel went to Tino’s hometown and Tino’s family grilled her. They told Rachel this wasn’t real and asked them to think about it. Gabby’s turn! Gabby visited Jason in New Orleans and threw beads at people. Gabby visited Johnny’s Florida hometown. Gabby also visited Erich’s hometown in New Jersey and met Erich’s dad who is battling cancer. Gabby told Erich she was comfortable enough to tell him she is falling in love with him. Erich said he was falling in love with her. Rachel told Tino she was falling in love.

Uncle Pat is Kronk!! Best day ever.

Who got kicked off: Tyler went back to his family without Rachel.

Full recap to follow.

Next week: Hopefully, we’ll see Aven’s Hometown date and Men Tell All.

Also, mark your calendar and stock your wine fridge, Bachelor in Paradise premiere’s September 27 and they are announcing the contestants below.

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