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Bring out the ladies! And get to know Kronk’s Nephew! I mean Zach!

I’m pretty much only obsessed with the fact that Zach is the nephew of Patrick Warburton, affectionately known as Uncle Pat from here on out – the voice of Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove (and David Puddy from Seinfeld and the voice of Joe Swanson from Family Guy).

Zach is a 26-year-old tech exec from Anaheim, California and ready to find love! With 30 ladies ready to vie for his heart, Zach is ready to go!

Zach was on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 19).

A Little About Zach:

Age: 26

Height: 6’4”

Birthday: July 21, 1996

City: Born in Fullerton, raised in Anaheim, California

Education: Cal Polytechnic State University where he played football (Division 1, woot!) and graduated with a degree in Business Administration

Family: Zach’s family has two dogs Twix and Bella. Zach has two sisters, Sammy and Payton, and it looks like his mom Megan works in a school district and his dad Chapman is a retired fire captain. And his uncle is Patrick Warton! Did I mention that?

Socials: Instagram (@Zachshallcross)

And he’s a California native, bonus points to you sir.

First Look At the Ladies

My favorite part of the season…prematurely judging the ladies!

You can take a look at the full cast of 30 ladies on Facebook or ABC.com

A lot of ladies from sunny Florida this season.

Aly has a goldendoodle and collects porcelain dolls. Anastasia is Greek. Ariel is Ukranian. Bailey has a dog too. Must love dogs and must be Florida – these are the themes. Brooklyn is a horse barrel racer, which sounds cool. Christina does crossfit and has a 5-year-old daughter from her previous marriage and a pet turtle. Davia could live on oysters. Me too, girl. Me too. Gabi looks like Pete the Pilot’s pick Madison at first glance and she loves to tailgate. Same, girl, same. Holland loves yachting with her girlfriends. I mean, same. If I had that option. A couple of nurses in here and New Yorkers and a Canadian Kaity that grew up figure skating. Kimberly loves to drink wine in her pj’s. Don’t we all? Madison was a Presidential Scholar in college. Same. Just kidding. Vanessa is a foodie that grew up playing a lot of freeze tag. Samesies. It looks like a good group going in on their journey to love.

Fun Fact to Remember: Zach met Brooklyn, Brianna, Bailey, Cat and Christina before the start of this season, because they were at his announcement of becoming the Bachelor. They each made their entrances and America voted and Brianna got the first impression rose. Don’t forget that for your Bachelor Brackets, people. It looks like Life&Style Magazine came out with a printable Bachelor Bracket for Zach Shallcross Season 27 in case you don’t want to make one.

Brianna Already Has a Rose

Brianna took an adorable photo with a mini polaroid camera. And she’s in! On the road to love. So if you’re filling out Bachelor Brackets, don’t forget that! If you forgot, I’m here to remind you. Look how cute!

See you on Monday night, January 23rd at 8|7c on ABC, Bachelor fans!