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Group Date with Bachelor/ette Alumns. Lots of Kisses. A Hometown BBQ. And Still No Sign of Uncle Pat.

Rapper Latto and three Bachelor/ette alumns, including Victoria F. hosted a group date. Tahzjuan came on the show to try to stay, but Zach thought it wouldn’t be fair to the ladies already here, so did not keep her around. Christina got a one-on-one date, and took a helicopter ride to Zach’s parents’ house for his mom’s bday (who is the sister to Uncle Pat), but no sign of Uncle Pat. Christina let him know she had a 5-year-old daughter and that freaked Zach out. He gave her a rose. Nurse Katherine got the rose on the first group date. Jess got the rose on the second group date.

Who got kicked off: Cat, Kimberly and Victoria J. were sent home week 2.

Full recap to follow.