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Dates All Around! Group Date with Bachelor/ette Alums. Lots of Kisses. A Hometown BBQ. And Still No Sign of Uncle Pat.

The ladies moved into the mansion and they were excited! Kaity looks oddly similar to Kendall Long. Amiright? All the ladies get to go on a date this week. You get a group date and you get a group date! And you get a kiss and you get a kiss!

We learned a lot this week. We learned Nickleback was Zach’s first concert and that Zach would make a great traffic reporter from the sky with that voice. Christina got the first one-on-one date. Zach and Christina shared such a cute kiss in the car when he picked her up for their date on the way to the helicopter ride. Zach brought Christina to his childhood home and a backyard BBQ to meet his mom and dad and about 20 other people. Uncle Pat was not present. That’s ok, we have a whole season ahead. All the feels. Zach’s mom shared a baby photo album. Zach brought out a birthday cake for his mom. It looked so fun! After the BBQ, Zach and Christina went to dinner. She is a mom to a 5-year-old named Blakely May.

Who got kicked off: Cat, Kimberly, and Victoria J. were sent home week 2.

First Group Date: I’m looking for big, big love, read the Date Card. Ladies who went on the date were Brianna, Brooklyn, Katherine, Mercedes, Bailey, Davia, Cat, Genevie, and Kylee

I am very confused by this date. It was a hodge-podge of activities. Rapper Latto hosted the date. Zach came out wearing a leather jacket. Bad B*tch Energy was the theme. So all the ladies and Zach danced in a circle? And then Bachelor alums Victoria F., Tahzjuan, and Courtney from Ben’s Season 16 walked out to help judge and host a catwalk. But like a strip tease cat walk with Zach at the end of the runway. What is happening? And then all the ladies shared a time when they were a bad b*tch? Like an open mic night. It was an odd date. Brooklyn took a tequila shot. Dude, same. Tahzjuan came to the after-party to ask if she could stay and Zach said no. Katherine got the rose on the group date.

First One-on-One: Christina, let’s let our love soar.

Christina took a helicopter ride to Zach’s parent’s house for his mom’s birthday party. No sign of Uncle Pat (Have I mentioned Patrick Warburton is Zach’s mom’s brother?) Christina met all the cousins and the rest of the family, while playing ping pong and looking at baby albums of Zach with his mom. At dinner that night, Christina let him know she had a 5-year-old daughter and that freaked Zach out. He is not ready to be a daddy it seems. He gave her a rose, though.

Second Group Date: The rest of the ladies.

The rest of the ladies got dressed up and went to a cocktail party with Zach. I’m pretty sure that was the whole date. Jess got the rose on the second group date.

Cocktail Party

Brooklyn, our rodeo barrel racer, taught Zach how to rope. Fun! Gabi brought him a peanut butter cup and they attempted a lady and the tramp moment and shared a kiss. Different. Both stay!

Fill that wine glass with rosé and pop the bubbly. The Bachelor returns Monday at 8|7c on ABC.