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Football, Skydiving, A Pool Party, And An Overnight Date with Dinosaurs. Bless Your Heart. No Uncle Pat.

Touchdown! Chargers players Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates hosted a date. Aly got the skydiving one-on-one date and the full Bachelor package of a helicopter, an adrenaline-inducing challenge, champagne, a dinner, and a serenade from a Griffen Palmer, hot tub included. Charity got the rose on the football group date. And Kaity got an overnight one-on-one date at the Natural History Museum. All were jealous. She also got some sweet silk pajamas. The quote of the night is from Zach who told Kaity, “You deserve more than just the basics.” Heck yeah. Know your worth. Still no sign of Uncle Pat.

Who got kicked off: Bailey, Brianna and Christina went home this week. Bailey went home on a group date. Brianna self-eliminated at the pool party. And Christina went home because Brianna said she was a disruptor.

Next week the crew is traveling to the Bahamas!!

Full recap to follow.