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Football, Skydiving, A Pool Party, And An Overnight Date with Dinosaurs. Bless Your Heart. No Uncle Pat.

Touchdown! Chargers players Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates hosted a date. Aly got the skydiving one-on-one date and the full Bachelor package of a plane, an adrenaline-inducing challenge, champagne, a dinner, and a serenade from a Griffen Palmer, hot tub included. Charity got the rose on the football group date. And Kaity got an overnight one-on-one date at the Natural History Museum. All were jealous. She also got some sweet silk pajamas. The quote of the night is from Zach who told Kaity, “You deserve more than just the basics.” Heck yeah. Know your worth. Still no sign of Uncle Pat.

Who got kicked off: Bailey, Brianna and Christina went home this week. Bailey went home on a group date. Brianna self-eliminated at the pool party. And Christina went home because Brianna said she was a disruptor.

One-on-One: Kaity got the one-on-one date and the first overnight date of the season at The Natural History Museum. Kaity and Zach had a night at the museum walking around an empty Los Angeles Natural History Museum. They looked at dinosaur bones and stuffed animals and had a grand time. At dinner in the museum, Zach asked what Kaity was looking for and she talked about her 7-year relationship and that she just wanted the basics. The quote of the night is from Zach who told Kaity, “You deserve more than just the basics.” After dinner, Zach asked if she wanted to camp out with him and there was a tent and faux campfire. Kaity and Zach also got some sweet silk pajamas with animals on them. Kaity was the talk of the town in the morning when she came home in the early hours. I think this is the first time we’ve had an overnight this early in the season.

One-on-One: Aly got a one-on-one date and the full Bachelor package – a plane ride, skydiving (an adrenaline-pumping activity), dinner, a serenade from Griffen Palmer, and a hot tub with champagne. All the stops. Aly also got a wedding jumpsuit and got in a car with Zach in a tux on their way to a plane. There Aly found out they would be jumping out of a plane for love. They landed alright. And then got a hot tub and toasted with champagne. That night at dinner, they were serenaded by an upcoming Nashville artist Griffen Palmer singing Second Guessing.

Football Group Date: The Bachelor Bowl! “There are no rules in the game of love,” said the date card.

This was the fifth annual Bachelor Bowl starting with JoJo’s season and going through Clayton’s season. It was full tackle football. Woot! Former LA Chargers players Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates came out to host the date and warm up the ladies for their game. Hannah Storm adn Jesse Palmer were the game commentators. Christina was coming out swinging and told us she has done crossfit since forever. The ladies were split into teams and the losing team was told they had to go back home. The teams were the Blue Team (Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Christina, Charity, Kat and Kylee) called the Ball-Zachs and the Yellow Team (Mercedes, Genevie, Greer, Gabi,Jess, Brianna, Anastasia and Davia) called the Shall-Crushers. As named by the Bachelor Interns. The Blue Team the Ball-Zachs proved to be victorious 14-7.

Christina got on everyone’s nerves at the group date and Brooklyn threw some country bless her heart her way. Charity got the rose on the group date.

At the group date after party for the winning team, Bailey was sent home. She had a little time with Zach. Then she went back to Zach to ease her worries they were still into each other. Zach didn’t think they were progressing as fast as the other ladies and he sent her home.

This girl shops at Target (last on the right) and a girl after my own heart because I’ve shopped these. You’re welcome.
Arm in a sling 👀 Possible football injury?

Pool Party! No Cocktail Party

Pool parties are way better than cocktail parties. There was sunscreen application, chicken playing and sunbathing at the pool party. Ariel made out with Zach in the jacuzzi and sat on his lap. At the pool party, Brianna told Zach she was thinking of going home and wanted to make sure she wasn’t imagining their connection fading. Zach confirmed and Brianna went home, but not before throwing Christina under the bus. Zach confronted it with Christina and then said he had to think about it. Christina had lots of tears that day. At the rose ceremony, he let Christina go.

This week the crew is traveling to the Bahamas! Get your wine glasses and bubbly ready! The Bachelor is back tonight at 8|7c on ABC.