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Estonia, Turtlenecks, Wife Carrying, Nudist Spas, and Witchcraft.

The crew is in Tallinn, Estonia! Zach has recovered from COVID, and we’re back to dates. Charity got her one-on-one date riding around in a horse-drawn carriage and participating in a wife-carrying event. The group date involved a witch and saging everyone’s aura. No one got the rose on the group date, and Jess was sent home. Ariel got the second one-on-one date at a nudist spa. Her and Zach kept their clothes on, but chatted with an older, naked couple in the sauna and the tiny hot tub outside. Greer didn’t participate this week because she was sick, but she stayed. No signs of Uncle Pat in Estonia.

Who got kicked off: Jess was sent home on the group date because she was stressed. Aly was sent home at the rose ceremony.

Full recap to follow.