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Hometowns! Vermont, New York City, Georgia and Austin, Texas. So Fun! Still no signs of Uncle Pat.

Hometowns this week! And Women Tell All. The four ladies (Ariel, Gabi, Charity and Kaity) took Zach to their hometowns (or new towns) to meet their families. Gabi took Zach maple syrup tree-tapping in Vermont and met her similar-looking sister and fam. Fun times had by all. Ariel took Zach to New York City to eat pizza and stop at a speakeasy before meeting her protective brother and fam. Charity took Zach to Georgia for an outdoor lunch with the fam. Her family was so sweet. Kaity took Zach to her new apartment in Austin. (I think Zach spends time in Los Angeles and Austin because he works/worked for Oracle. At least that’s what I found at the start of the season and I try not to Google now so I don’t see spoilers! His LinkedIn.) Kaity had Zach help her move in to her two-week-old apartment by building furniture together and having pizza and then Zach met her mom. Kaity’s mom seems baller. Kaity’s biological dad and stepdad left them, so Kaity’s mom took on raising the kiddos. I think Zach likes Kaity. Still no signs of Uncle Pat, but here’s to hoping for next week. Fantasy Suite Dates are looking spicy in the previews.

Charity was sent home at the rose ceremony, but all is well because Charity is our new Bachelorette. Congratulations, Charity!

Who got kicked off: Charity was sent home. But she is our new Bachelorette!

Full recap to follow.