I watch so you don’t have to.

About After The Final Rose:
After The Final Rose is a blog dedicated to all things pertaining to The Bachelor franchise. The latest dish on who’s dating who, recaps from recent episodes, and much-loved gossip about the reality stars. Whether you are an openly dedicated fan looking for your fill of the latest reality television or reading this in quick snippets minimizing when people peek at your screen, this blog is for you. Check in here to get the latest recaps and dish of what is happening in The Bachelor world after the final rose.

About Me:
I went to school for public relations. I am moderately obsessed with running and reality television. And by moderately, I mean completely. I used both as a means to mitigate the stress that naturally accompanied graduate school.


This blog began as an assignment for one of my classes back in the day. So you can blame my college professor for feeding into and fueling my slight obsession with the show. Seeing as that was an undisclosed number of years ago, I suppose you can blame me for keeping that fire alive.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very funny blog that seems to get everything pretty much spot on. Great work cutie!

  2. Thanks, Francis!! If there was a like button option I would press it.

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