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And you thought I wasn’t going to post it. I realize this is old old old news and I’m a bit behind, but Immagonna post it anyways because the blog just feels incomplete without it. You can always skip to the Where Are They Now section if you’re already up to speed or if I begin to bore.

You guys were right (see poll in previous post); I was wrong. Jef-with-one-F stole not only America’s heart, but Emily Maynard’s as well. Emily pushed aside her libido to chose the man she could see a future with and who is pretty perfectly matched for her. They both have a similar sense of humor, involved in charity work, know how to handle a skeet gun.

Who She Chose: This was a happy accident that Jef-with-one-F ended up being in the center of the board. Excellent choice, Emily.

After The Final Rose:

This time around ABC did this annoying cut back and forth. I don’t remember them doing this before, but I could be wrong. In any case it worked as follows: Chris Harrison announces exactly what we’re about to see, we see it, cut back to the studio audience, announce the next clip we’re going to see, watch the clip. Super necessary narrative (sense the sarcasm().

Tweets of the Night:

First, why was Ashely Spivey there for commentary? No one remembers who she was. Second, that dress was just asking for attention…oh wait, I see…I think I just answered my first question. Sean, Sean, Sean, I’m not sure how I feel about the above Tweet, but I still think you might be our next Bachelor candidate.

Where Are They Now?

They were in Ghana. Emily and Jef went on a trip to Africa with the company (People Water) that Jef co-founded. People Water provides water to those in need every time you purchase People Water bottles of water, through their Drop-for-Drop program.

For the full slide show check out WetPaint.

Sidenote: Jef’s business partner, Cody Barker, is pretty attractive. I was trying to figure out a round-a-bout clever way to get that point across, but couldn’t do it. Ok, back to the adorable couple.

Emily and Jef spent Jef’s bday (July 24th) in New York City and seemed ever so happy in love.

They both consider marriage a “private matter” so are still contemplating whether or not they want to air it. I’m guessing if ABC fronts the bill and works their powers of persuasion, it’ll be televised.

Along the same vein, Emily put to rest rumors of a spinoff show of her and Jef’s life post-Bachelorette. According to WetPaint and Zap2it, Emily told reporters, “My thoughts on that are pretty clear. I have no interest in ever doing any spin-off show or anything like that.”

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like this couple could make it onto the short short list of Bachlore/ette surviving couples. Coming soon, a post on where your favorite Bachelor/ette couples are. And by soon, I mean in a couple days now that life hasn’t completely consumed me.