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Finally the traveling around the world dates have begun! And they’re off to…drumroll please…Montana. Yep. Fancy. While I do appreciate the fact Sean wants to see the girls rough it, I don’t think this should qualify as traveling around the world. Also, apparently when you travel to Montana you have to wear plaid. I’m almost positive it’s a state uniform or something. Exhibit A) Lindsay and Sean both wore it on their one-on-one. Exhibit B) All of the girls on the group date got a team plaid shirt. Exhibit C) Tierra even scrounged one up.

Who got kicked off: I know you were all hoping for Tierra to get the boot, but nope Robyn and Jackie were on the chopping block this time around. Sean said he just wasn’t feeling the romantic connection.


Last week’s predictions: Well, here’s one thing we learned. I am no longer allowed to make predictions, because of the two ladies I thought were going home (Jackie and Daniella), only one was correct. Not only did Daniella not go home, she got the rose on the group date. And all this time I thought Daniella was only here to narrate Sean’s make-out sessions with the other girls. Well, she must have been taking notes because she planted a nice lip-lock of her own on Sean, that I’m sure earned her that rose.

Also, note: Daniella started their interaction balling her eyes out because she saw he had strong connections with other girls. I’m starting to think that with Sean, tears = roses.

One-one-one: Lindsay the substitute teacher who wore a wedding dress on night one finally got her one-on-one time with Sean. He whisked her away in what else but a helicopter and they had a concert after dinner where the producers do that really awkward thing of putting the couple on a raised platform in the middle of a crowd of random fans; so Lindsay and Sean are dancing and kissing while the band is playing and all these people are looking up at them. When is a one-on-one actually going to be a one-on-one, Sean? Hmm? Riddle me that.

Group date: Again, Sean just likes to put these girls through the ringer. We already know athletic competitions are not their thing. Do we need to revisit volleyball and roller derby? So what does he make them do, but paddle canoes and milk goats. You do know how to woo a girl, don’t you Sean.

The final part of the challenge was to chug the goat’s milk. The losing team was sent home, but not for long. Sean wanted to spend more time with those girls, so he invited them to come to the after party. Needless to say the winning team was not pleased.

Dude, I’d be pissed too if I chugged a gallon of goat’s milk like a lumberjack all for naught. Though, I’d probably try to steer clear of giving the man I wanted to date the evil eye *ahem* Robyn. That could be why you got sent home.

Two-on-one: The first two-on-one! I love these dates. They’re just packed with uncomfortableness. Jackie vs Tierra. They went horseback riding and Jackie’s horse was left in the dust by Sean’s and Tierra’s. Later in the date, Jackie dropped a bomb that Tierra was flirting with some guy in the airport when the ladies were on their way to Montana. And yet, Sean still gave Tierra the rose. When he pulled her aside, Tierra said she was the way she was because she dated a guy (who had been in-and-out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction) on-and-off for five years before he passed away.

Cocktail party: Also known as Awkward Hour this time around. Tensions were high that Sean had given Tierra a rose. At one point during the night, Sean walked through the room when Tierra was ripping Robyn a new one.

Quote of the night: Goes to Robyn before her smack down with Tierra. “I am so sick of her. I will make this the bad girls club.”

When Sean pulled Tierra aside, suddenly a light switched and she was all smiles. After that, Sean tried to get to the bottom of why Tierra was not getting along with any of the girls. So he went around asking what was up.

One-on-one with Chris Harrison: Drama is developing and tension is high so naturally Chris Harrison had a sit-down with the bachelor to hash out all the dirty deets. Sean said:

(referring to his one-on-one time with the other girls) Why are we wasting our time talking about Tierra? BECAUSE YOU ASKED THEM.

Some women are here to talk about other women. BECAUSE YOU ASKED THEM.

Then Sean proceeds to say that the girls were just giving him vague details about Tierra and he needed hard facts. Let’s journey back. I’m pretty sure Jackie gave him some pretty detailed evidence Tierra was not there for him…airport…flirting…ring any bells? What does he want a We Hate Tierra Parade? Ugh, men. We get it. Tierra gets your blood flowing. How many excuses are you gonna make for her?

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 9.33.53 PM

Mix and Match Mama is Sean’s sister.

Then Sean made the comment that maybe his wife’s not there and he goes through this whole process not finding her. What? No, that could never happen. 17 seasons of The Bachelor and not a one found their wife. (I don’t count Molly and Jason because Jason did not pick Molly. He picked Melissa and broadcasted their breakup. Awwkwarrd. And the other two marriages were Bachelorette seasons. The Bachelorette’s are just better pickers.) Seriously, Sean. Have you never seen the show?

More fun-filled drama tomorrow night! Frigid temps, a paramedic, and more Tierra bashing!

Because my predictions haven’t been on par just yet, I’m asking you, Bachelor Fans…