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It’s here!! Finally. Season 17 of The Bachelor with Sean Lowe premieres tomorrow (Monday, January 7th) night at 8|7c on ABC.

You’re welcome, America.


The Bachelor: Sean Lowe – Basically, he’s 29, an insurance broker from Texas, loves the Lord, and has the body of a Roman god. Plus, a killer smile to boot. He was 2nd runner up on Emily’s season of The Bachelorette, runs half marathons and Instagrams photos of himself holding puppies and babies. Heavy sigh. (No, those aren’t his babies. ABC casted them. Just kidding. That’s his close friend’s kid.)  For his full bio, you can check out the official ABC homepage.

Credit: http://www.christianpost.com/news/the-bachelor-sean-lowe-season-17-preview-video-86820/


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Credit: Sean Lowe Instagram

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon 2012

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon 2012

Sean Lowe with niece and nephew

Sean Lowe with niece and nephew

Fun Fact: His sister, Shay (married with two kids –actually married Sean’s college football teammate) has a blog and signed Sean up for the show for Emily’s season.)



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The Ladies: As per usual, a couple models (Kristy and Amanda) are among the bunch. Plus, a yoga instructor, poker dealer (Leslie), and a casting agent to spice up the pot. That’s a new one. A lot of 24-year-olds making their mark. And word to the Californians dominating the board. There are rumors one of the ladies has a boyfriend –shocker. Also, I don’t know if it’s Photoshop, but several of these ladies look like they can pack a punch, a few of those arms rival that of the bachelor. (Browse through the bios here.)

Admittedly I haven’t snooped around the blogosphere to see which ladies we should be watching out for on night one, but I’m sure it’ll become apparent as they step out of their limos and bring on the flow of champagne. Firstly, there are entirely too many Ashleys (or however you want to spell them) on this season. I hope for sanity’s sake, a couple of them get the boot tomorrow night so I’m not forced to nickname them. Thankfully, ABC now has a handy-dandy cheat sheet to keep all of the ladies straight as you’re watching on night one.

What’s with the blurred face? Nope, you’re not seeing things and you counted correctly. There are 26 ladies in that photo, instead of the usual 25. The comments section on Facebook rumors the mystery lady could be a contestant from a previous season…Kacie B.

As always, you can tune in here for recaps. For now, take a looksy at the preview for tomorrow night’s episode and get excited because Bachelor nights have returned! Let the wine-drinking, cat-fighting, trip-taking journey to find love commence!

Teaser Trailer:

PS I owe you a blog post about JP and Ashley’s wedding. If you want to know, I did watch it. And yes, I may have teared up. They are an adorable couple and I wish them all the best. Until tomorrow night, Bachelor Fans!