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I Gotchu and I’m Always Gonna Have You Regardless. Yes, Tyler C.’s Still Got It. Hannah B., Will You Be My Girlfriend? Peter the Pilot Asks. Celtics Players Give Great Relationship Advice.

The crew traveled to Boston! (Perfect timing because the Bruins are now in the Stanley Cup tonight airing at the same time! Title Town whaddup.) and to Rhode Island (still cute, but less enthused).

Tyler C. got a one-on-one and a rose. Jed got a one-on-one and a rose. Kevin got a sprained ligament on the group date at Rugby. Garrett kept it real and got the rose on the group date. He told Hannah he is crushing hard. Celtics stars gave great advice to Hannah on her one-on-one with Jed. Country singer, Jake Owen made funny, amazing faces at Hannah B. and Tyler C.’s make-out session while he serenaded them with Made for You.

Who got kicked off: No rose ceremony this week. All of the red X’s are those who left last week.



JPJ scored at the rugby match and brought back the phrase “Shaka Brah!” with hand gestures. So he’s still going strong.

The group date was Rugby. Celtics Players Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown joined Hannah B. and Jed on their date to play some bball. Tyler C. and Hannah B. went lobster fishing. Tyler C. made cute jokes and playful comments and dissuaded her assertion he was a player (fun fact: he was once drafted to play for the NFL Baltimore Ravens but didn’t play due to an injury.) Jed let her know he was originally not here for the right reasons (all about that guitar), but now is and Hannah swooned.

Mike and Garrett called Luke P. out on his crazy. Luke P. keeps manipulating her emotions and body slammed Luke S. on the rugby field unsportsmanlikely. We’re left with Hannah B. sitting both Luke’s down and starting to get to the bottom of this feud. Luke P. lied to Hannah about a lot of stuff, mainly of which Luke S. was here to promote his non-existent Tequila business.

(I have a fractured knuckle, likely from my frustration with Luke P., so I’m keeping this short, but I want you to have all the goods.)