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Tears. Lots of tears. Happy tears, good-bye tears, so-many-emotions tears, I-need-another-cocktail tears. The group found themselves in Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami this week.

Who got kicked off: The one’s with red X’s were sent home. Sharleen left on her own accord before the rose ceremony. Chelsie was sent home at the ceremony and surprisingly chipper about it. She rambled on about how great he was, then, boom, in the limo, instant waterworks. That leaves Andi the Attorney, Nikki the Nurse (aka Negative Nikki), Renee the single mommy, and Clare the hairdresser who everyone loves to hate for hometown dates next week.Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week7

One-on-One: The first one to receive the date card, and straight from Juan Pablo himself was Sharleen. They spent the day cuddling and kissing on a yacht.

Quote of the Night: “It makes feel happy which is something I don’t allow myself to feel very often.” Well, that’s depressing. We need to find you more happiness in your life, Sharleen.

Conversation on the yacht:

JP: How do you feel about me meeting your family?

Sharleen: I think it could work. (Lots of hesitancy and awkwardness.)

JP: Your smile is really pretty.

One-on-One: Nikki received a date card. Her initial reaction: I’m not gonna have to dance again am I? Oh, Negative Nikki, aren’t you a treat. Lucky for you, Nikki, no, you don’t have to dance again. Instead you get to watch Juan Pablo’s daughter perform at her recital. And bonus! Meet the fam and ex-wife. And double-bonus! Juan Pabs’ ex is a smokin’ hot actress (see below).

After the recital, Juan Pabs took Nikki to his office, Marlins Park, where they played catch on the field in Nikki’s white, barely there, backless, bra-less ensemble. Here, let me throw you a grounder. At the ballpark, Nikki addressed the Carla situation, asking how she fits in this situation? Basically, Juan Pablo said Carla was cool with it and they just want the best for each other.

Sharleen’s Departure: Sharleen broke it to the girls that she was going home. Outwardly, all of the ladies gave her aw’s and sad eyes. Inwardly, they were all like heck yes! Another one bites the dust.

There was a good portion of the show dedicated to Sharleen going back and forth on if she was making the right decision. Basically, it boiled down to the fact she was attracted to him physically but not intellectually.

Cute Quote of the Day: “You caught my attention because you’re different in a good way. The only thing that pisses me off is that I didn’t make you sing enough for me.” – Juan Pablo to Sharleen after she tells him she has to leave.

In the interview with the producers after Sharleen left, Juan Pablo was crying and said something about rather being not appreciated and honest than not honest and appreciated…confused? Yep, so was the rest of America. I’m not sure what he said, but I’m gonna interpret anyway.

My completely invalidated interpretation: Juan Pabs would rather get his heart broken and have them be honest with him than to have someone stick around and not actually like him.

Group Date: Clare, Renee, Chelsie, and Andi flew to a private island with the bachelor. Then the group date turned into a one-on-one after Juan Pablo handed out the rose to lucky lady Andi. Clare was pissed as per usz.

Clare vs Nikki: The argument lasted 5 minutes too long. I got lost on why they were bickering in the first place. Basically, neither likes each other and they’re stuck in this hotel room together with nothing to do but get annoyed.

Photo Credit: Palomera de la ree producciones

Photo Credit: Palomera de la ree producciones

Juan Pablo’s Ex-Wife: Umm, hi, say hello to Juan Pablo’s ex-wife: Carla Rodriguez, actress and total hot mama. And according to Wetpaint and her Twitter account, @Carla_Andreina, this ex-wife is pretty active in her daughter’s life; so whoever wins Juan Pablo’s heart will be seeing a lot of this beaut.

Credit: Wetpaint.com

Credit: Wetpaint.com

Next week is a two night extravaganza. The Bachelor will air Monday and Tuesday night of next week (February 24th and 25th | 8-10 P.M.). Apparently lots of drama is about to ensue for an ending we didn’t see coming.