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TEARS, TEARS, AND MORE TEARS. I told you we could do better. Olivia’s Mouth is now plastered all over the Internet, possibly wine bottles. Insecurities are running rampant, starting with Lace ending with Jubilee. Hashtags trending: #CanklesForever #LaceFace #OliviasMouth*

Who got kicked off: The ones with red X’s were sent home last night. Lace voluntarily took herself out of the running because she had to work on herself, and she most definitely didn’t want to be pegged as crazy. (Fun fact: Bachelor Live tells us there’s an offer for her appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.) Jami and Shushanna got the boot.


*Author’s note: These are not actually all trending. But hopefully they will outlive Awko Taco. One can hope. Recap explaining what Awko Taco is to follow. Long live the twins.