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Peter’s 22 Stitches Are Out and So is the Jury on His Decision-Making Skills. That Golf Cart May Have Been More Than Just A Flesh Wound. The Scales of Justice Are Not Tipped In Kelley’s Favor. Madison On The Other Hand Is Getting All Of The Love.

The ladies and Peter went to Lima, Peru. Do we think the golf cart actually knocked out any bit of sense left in Peter? I also think it was too soon to take that bandage off of those stitches. It needs some Neosporine on it and to cover it up! Protect it from the sun! Also, every single girl lied to him and said it looked great. It did not look great. It looked like it needed time to heal. Kelsey cried a bunch again. Victoria F. basically ran away and picked a fight to be sent home and Peter was like will you accept this rose?

Who got kicked off: Natasha was sent home on her first one-on-one date. Kelley the Attorney was sent home on a three-on-one date unceremoniously. RIP Kelley the attorney with an “e”.
the bachelor peter the pilot week 6 peru


Trent from Barstool Sports got to star as the luggage guy. Big moment for him. Sad moment for Natasha who finally got her one-on-one date and then was sent home at dinner. Natasha asked Peter how he felt about her. And Peter wasn’t feeling it. Bummer.

Kelsey got a one-on-one date and they went four-wheeling and making out on mountains. Last week Kelsey told him she was falling in love with him.

Madison got a one-on-one on a boat and then basically put on another red jumpsuit and they were dancing like they did on their first date with his family at Peter’s parents’ vow renewal ceremony. Peter told her he was falling in love with her.

Victoria F., Kelley, and Hannah Anne got a three-on-one. Victoria F. accused Peter of being in a “mood” every time he talked to her and picked a fight with him and he still offered her the rose. Hannah Anne got the second rose and bawled. Kelley the attorney was sent home.

There was also a super weird moment after Kelley went home. I don’t think ABC’s ever done this before. Peter accompanied his final hometown pick back to the hotel and raised a glass with each of the ladies for hometowns. Like what? Sister wives vibes were happening as Peter walked in with Hannah Anne and all the ladies rejoiced. They do know there can only be one, right? Usually it’s like hand out the final hometown rose and then peace, see you at hometowns. Everyone right now is googling can golf cart accidents cause brain damage.

Full recap to follow.

Hometowns are next week! We’re headed to Iowa (Kelsey, which fun fact she was also Miss Iowa), Virginia Beach (Victoria F.), Tennessee (Hannah Anne) and Auburn, Alabama (Madison). Until then, I leave you with this super cute video Kelley posted showing what happened when she returned home to her friends after getting kicked off this season.

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