Niagara Falls, Croatia and Poppin’ Bottles of Champagne. Lavender is for Lovers. Cheers to Shrimp.

The crew is headed to Hvar, Croatia! The episode started with the two-on-one date between Shanae and Genevieve. Shanae tried to get Clayton to believe Genevieve was an actress. But Colton Clayton saw right through it and sent Shanae home on a boat under Niagra Falls even after their steamy make-out session. So strong. The girls in the house cheered and popped champagne.

Who got kicked off: Hunter and Marlena were sent home at a rose ceremony, and Shanae was sent home on the two-on-one date against Genevieve.

Two-On-One Date: Genevieve and Shanae went on a two-on-one date with Clayton at the bottom of Niagara Falls. Shanae tried to tell Clayton Genevieve was ready to pack her bags and that she was an actress. Shanae busted out some fake tears, she told producers they were hard to come by and made out with Clayton hardcore. He walked away to listen to his inner thoughts and sent Shanae home.

The crew traveled to Hvar, Croatia!

One-on-One Date: In Croatia, Teddi got the first one-on-one date and they walked all around Hvar. They threw a coin (or the currency in Croatia) into a well and made a wish. It was raining and cute and they hid under an umbrella together. They got ice cream and lavender. The lady at the street shop said, “Lavender is for lovers.” At dinner, Teddi revealed she was a virgin. Teddi said she was waiting until she was in love. Clayton said he was excited to be her first of many things. He likes her a lot.

Group Date: All the other ladies, sans Teddi and Sarah, got a group date to become Croatian warriors. Mara spouted a little poem at the end that was trés clever. And the crew ate a bunch of nasty things. It was cool. At the after party, Clayton talked hometowns with Rachel, and Rachel told him where she was at because she said she didn’t think Clayton knew. She is falling for him. They kissed, and she got the group date rose. He likes Rachel.

Second One-on-One Date: Sarah got her second one-on-one date, while many ladies still hadn’t received their first one-on-one date. That felt quick, and I think the producers were trying to stir some sh*t up, and it worked. Mara, the elder millenial of the crew, got all up in her head about not getting time. And she told Clayton Sarah was not ready for an engagement. Jeepers.

At the dinner with Sarah, Clayton asked her about it, and she cried a lot. Sarah told Clayton her feelings were real for him and that she wanted to be with him. And told him she was afraid of losing him. She shared her feelings really well, I thought. Clayton stepped away and Sarah cried. Clayton came back and gave her the rose. Go Mizzou (they’re both alums)! Ahh, the youths.

Susie sent a little note to Clayton via producers to meet her at the clocktower. Clayton was so excited it was Susie. He likes Susie. He asked, “Suz, what are we doooing?” with a big ol’ grin on his face and holding her hands. Susie took him to the top of the clocktower and told him that she was falling in love with him. Clayton was very happy to hear that.

Tl;dr: Mara Marinara is unraveling, Rachel is still oozing sex, and Susie and Sarah are vying for first with Teddi close on their heels. At least that’s how I’m picking my lineup. And I still can’t tell Jesse Palmer, Colton and Clayton apart. Can anyone? Also, shrimp is amazing.