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I’m not a big fan of ruining the ending of movies and such and depriving fans of that movie magic, so I won’t make this a habit.  I like to be in suspense as much as everyone else and watch the story as it unfolds, but admittedly in the battle between curiosity and self-control, curiosity got a few good punches in.  I tuned in to Reality Steve.  So far he has identified 13 ladies for this season.  Filming for the Bachelor just recently ended, and although the footage and the list of bios haven’t been revealed yet, we can thank technology, Reality Steve and a little sleuthing to discover some of these mystery women.  I’m not going to get into detail with all of them because let’s be honest here, who really cares? Almost half of them get kicked off the first night anyway.  We only care about the main players. But I did list out their names, occupations and hometowns below.

Filming a Group Date

So far ABC appears to be sticking to its usual casting MO of models, pageant girls and hot single moms with some girl-next-door characters (like teacher Heather Freshwater and Maternity Nurse Jamie Otis) thrown in the mix.  Out of this sea of brunettes and blondes, two of the contestants hail from Massachusetts (woot woot).

The List:

  1. Elyse Myers (24) personal fitness instructor – FL (Elise’s represent!)
  2. Erika Uhlig (22) current Miss Chicago – Chicago, IL
  3. Heather Freshwater (25 looks 12) – ironically a 7th grade language arts teacher – Knoxville, TN
  4. Jamie Otis (23) – maternity nurse – Cortland, NY
  5. Shawn Reynolds (28) – financial advisor, single mom – Phoenix, AZ
  6. Blakeley Shea (34) – esthetician, former Hooters girl and Maxim model (yep, there’s some scandalous pics and yep, she’s 6 years older than Ben but somehow I don’t think he’ll mind…)
  7. Jaclyn Swartz (27) – Account Manager at CBS Interactive – MA (but lives in NY now)
  8. Samantha Levey (26) – Current Miss Pacific Palisades and will be competing for Miss California 2012 – from Pittsburgh lives in Los Angeles
  9. Casey Shteamer (26) – from Chicago, IL
  10. Courtney Robertson (?) – professional model who also starred in a Caesar’s Palace commercial (see video below and side note: I’m obsessed with her dress in her video.) 
  11. Rachel Truehart (27) – sales rep – from MA lives in NY
  12. Kacie Boguskie (24) – works at Genera Energy LLC, used to be a majorette (if you are like me and completely unfamiliar with that term it’s basically a baton-twirler) – Knoxville, TN
  13. Anna Snowball (?) – from Michigan

We may want to pay attention to Jamie Otis.  They shot her intro video at her hospital.  Not sure if they have intro videos for everyone but the more background filming they do on someone the more likely they are to be a big player.

It’s scary what you can find out about a person’s background via the internet.  Google yourselves people.  Make sure you don’t have any of those embarrassing pictures from the night before because those are exactly the pics people like to post so that we can all sit and pass judgment.  Until next time Bachelor Fans (BFs).

*For pics of Ben’s Bachelorettes and more season spoilers, I defer to the spoiler king, Reality Steve.

Courtney Robertson