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Things have been shaking up in the relationship world of The Bachelor. I thought I was going to be in withdrawal until January, but silly me I should have known the Bachelor world was fraught with gossip, break-ups, and hook-ups – more than enough to allow me to get my fill until the season premiere.

So here’s what’s been happening in the Bachelor relationship realm.


Jillian Harris has a new man in her life. She dished to City Life Magazine. Good for her. She was one of my favorites – spunky, funny, nice design style – you should really take a looksy at her blog. It’s brimming with positivity, great content, and pictures worth Pinterest pinning.

JP and Ashley announced their wedding was going to be televised and likely to happen this year. The word is the invites have been sent to guests and wedding plans are underway.


Ben F. and Courtney have finally called it quits. Despite the plethora of Instagram/Twitter/Webstagram pics of this happy pair curled up with Ben’s pup, Scotch, this odd couple have decided to part ways. But how can that be? They weren’t living in the same city, they met on a reality television show…surely you jest. But no, it’s true. They are no more.


Emily Wedding RingIt’s been rumored by US Weekly that Emily paid Jef-with-one-F to stay with her after it came out that she had cheated on him through her sexy texts with another man. They’ve been putting up an extremely solid front to avoid the media attention on their strained relationship no doubt, but she posted this little gem from her Twitter account showing off her “manicure.” Mmmhmm…yeah, the manicure, because that’s what we picked up on too, those freshly painted nails…

Next Bachelor! ABC has officially deemed Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor. Stats: 6’3″, 28-year-old, Texan, ex-college-football player (for Kansas State), who owns his own custom furniture firm. You can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on that Twitter stream in the coming months…and no, not just in hopes of some hotty hot pics of the new bachelor…not just for those.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans.