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A Red Pick-Up Truck. Line Dancing. What a “Finasco.” It’s Linger-y. Not a Great Night for Grammar. Pool Party! Psyche. No Cocktail Party. Jumpsuits are all the Rage this Season for Cocktail Attire.

I think what we all learned tonight is that Peter the Pilot throws a sucky pool party. No volleyball net, no light game of chicken, no Marco Polo. No one in the water. No fun to be had. Instead, Peter decided to use his pool time to form an interrogation unit to sniff out if Alayah was here for the right reasons.

It wasn’t a great night for grammar. Hannah Anne thought the Champagne Gate was a “finasco.” And Kiarra was very excited to wear “linger-y” for the pillow fight.

Earlier in the day, Victoria P. had a one-on-one date with Peter. He took her around his hood and they went line dancing. She walked away with a new pair of cowboy boots and a rose. Demi came back and hosted a pillow fight along with Fred Willard. Love that guy. Alayah won the group date pillow fight, but ’twas Sydney who stirred the pot and got the rose on the group date. Peter asked every girl in the house if Alayah, the pageant queen was a phony. The majority said yay. Madison and Peter had a cute moment at the pool party.

Who got kicked off: Alayah, Alexa, Jasmine and Sarah were sent home. Peter had Chris Harrison take one rose away mid-rose ceremony. So he said good-bye to an extra lady. Not sure why that was necessary since we’re only 3 weeks in, but sure. You do you, Pete. You stir that pot. You don’t go in the water. You take that rose away.

the bachelor peter the pilot week 3 ladies who got kicked off

Next week Alayah returns and we find out that Victoria F. used to date country singer Chase Rice! Ready Set Roll.

Full recap to follow.